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The Palace of Justice

For the past 500 years, the Palace of Justice has been the site of some of the most controversial cases in Moudon. It is a federal-level court of sorts where people from all around Moudon come to mete out justice for capital crimes. The Palace of Justice is known for having much more objective judges, almost to a fault. The Judges have been there almost as long as the building has existed. They are constructs created as one of the last acts of great magic by Heikestra Cinderbalm. These constructs required a level of magical weaving that also highlights why the modern trend of reliance on the ‘natural sciences' has become increasingly popular.

Purpose / Function

Created in the dying embers of the magical revolution, this courthouse was created as wizards and sorcerers had begun to push many of the realms of spellwork into levels that were breaching great ethical questions. More than one battle had been fought with a lack of moral consciousness for the horrors that might be unleashed. In an effort to create an objective but knowledgeable source of judgment for such situations, Heikestra Cinderbalm created a host of seven "Judges" and commissioned the construction of a building to house them.


Part of Cinderbalm's plan for the Palace of Justice and the Judges in it was to make sure that both were incorruptible. Though there are some that believe that the building should be updated for the modern world of the bioalchemic age, the palace literally will not tolerate any changes. Any efforts for renovation are made undone by the following sunrise.


The Palace of Justice is a perfect but slightly ostentatious representation of the height of construction from the Magical Revolution. Its spires are almost whimsical in their construction and are topped with Trazlucerne spiralled roofs. The foundation is made of Gauvirst, and since the palace was built upon a ley line, enabling the buildings wards and spells and constructs to be powered from the very earth of Moudon. The rest of its structure is a variety of marble and various stones that channel and mute certain types of magic. Almost every piece used in the building's construction is engraved and enchanted giving it the look of a most untraditional spellbook.


The numerous wards and spells built into the design of the palace, but it is also said that the Judges themselves possess the ability to defend their home, if needed. Wards against scrying, outwardly damage by the elements and force and even time, as well as illusion and enchantment blocking are contained in the walls of the palace.


As magic and spellwork seemed to hit their stride in Moudon, egos had become over inflated and leaders became greedy. As power and knowledge allowed some people to work what many would become miracles, there were those that generated death and sowed the inevitable decay of magic and even natural lifeforce in Moudon. Cinderbalm, once one of the very spellcasters guilty of such acts, found a need to judge their peers and eventually, themselves.   The construction of the palace took a year but over the next seven years following, the Judges were added and court was held. Cinderbalm, before going to trial, ensured by everything in their power that the Palace was owned by no government, organization, or person.


People classically have not made a point of visiting the Palace as, though it is beautiful on the outside, it is still a place where people have been convicted of some of the most serious crimes Moudon have every known. In recent years, there are some daily tours done as things from the Magical Revolution become relics and disappear to time.
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The Enigmatic Cage
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