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Lord Cinder

Honorable Lord Cinder

Dealing with the crimes of murder, Cinder is known for a dour expression that betrays nothing. There are those that would argue that they are innocent in any court they are brought to, but under the gaze of Lord Cinder many cave. It is said that its eyes reflect the inner soul. Some might question if the wrong person is sent to prison or executed until they meet Lord Cinder and proclaim that they have met the closest approximation to Haniick that exists in life.   Lord Cinder is said to look like Heikestra‚Äôs lover, slain in battle many years ago. Personality-wise, however, Lord Cinder is a bit of a frosty character. While some of the judges at The Palace of Justice are occasionally approached for the odd interview or conversation, this particular judge does not encourage dalliances. Some might say that they are married to their work but most of the other judges would tell you that Lord Cinder is embittered and has had enough of living. Lord Cinder is the oldest of the judges.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Physically, Lord Cinder is just as sound as the day they were completed. There is a look of a lithe form but the strength of a construct that needs no sleep or food to empower themselves. Cinder takes their time in caring for their body.

Body Features

Lord Cinder's form was built to look like a humanoid and has the look of a smooth-skinned person of about 30-40 years of age. There are engravings on their shoulders and arms that delicately depict a phoenix reared up.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

If Lord Cinder was asked, their existence began with Heikestra Cinderbalm constucting them and granting them life by plucking energy from the major ley node of Omarop. Since then they have always been and always will be the judge that presides over homicide cases at the Palace. It has been in the last five years that Lord Cinder has seen the need to use their considerable knowledge to create the Chronocast. Though Lord Cinder has a fairly high confidence in the traditional forms of evidence, there is some thing to be said of being able to literally draw the scene of the crime at the time of the crime.

Failures & Embarrassments

Lord Cinder's one source of "shame" comes in the form of flashes of memory that is not theirs. At least not their current memories. These uncontrolled and sporadic images and feelings are of battle, sadness, and regret. The more that they happen, the more that Cinder fears that there may be a fracture of self. The usual response is to throw themselves into their work.

Intellectual Characteristics

Very analytical with a tendency to focus most on the logic of the crime scene and motive, Cinder acts as a detective in themselves to pour over the details of the case, independent of lawyers. It would be a sunny day in the Veldt before someone could pull the wool over Cinder's eyes.

Morality & Philosophy

A murderer should be located and dealt with swiftly. It does not matter the reason for murder, the consequence should remain consistent between similar cases. The act itself, once done, is the end of a life and that is not easily reversed, if ever.


A liar should hope that they do not find themselves in Cinder's presence. The judge of murder has no patience for liars and time-wasters.
Current Location
Collected and smooth
almond-shaped with reflective pupils, opalescent irises, and metal sclera
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Smooth Lithium
carries light but heavy as lead
Aligned Organization


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