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The Leybound

The Leybound, originally created by Heikestra Cinderbalm as the primordial magic-powered successor to a golem, are considered to be at least semi sentient in most circles. They are also considered a very rare commodity as they have not been manufactured since the Magical Revolution. Though they cannot technically be owned, many of the old rich and newly minted consider it to be a feather in their cap if the have one of the Leybound in their employ or indentureship.   Some of the most notable of the Laybound include Cinderbalm's Judges and the construct rights activist, Kote Mea Eorana.   The Leybound are collectively known for being mysterious relics of the past. Those that were once used as soldiers have either chosen to continue as mercernaries or have eventually "died" on the battlefield, lacking magicians to fix them. Some Leybound that acted as assistants to mages have had to reinvent and repurpose themselves with varying degrees of success. Those that had started in domestic and manufacturing roles continue to do so but at the expense of often being treated as second-class compared to those of natural birth.   As the decades have passed and those that could have fixed the Leybound have left life or public society, the Leybound have fought hard to cement themselves as beings in their own right as well as struggled for survival in a world that has largely moved on from what once accomodated them.

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

The Leybound were often given names by their creators based on their designation or a creator's preference. In more recent years, many Leybound have renamed themselves.   Variations on words and names for freedom and life are often adopted as names including Vida, Huryya, and Teora.

Family names

Family names often follow the family names of their creators or are dropped altogether, especially amongst the number of staunch contruct rights fighters.

Other names

Those that have lived their lives in the role of an indentured servant can often be named as numbers as a means to try and remove any allusions to being a living, sentient being.


Shared customary codes and values

Largely the deepest codes shared between all of the Leybound is a deep-seated need to protect the leylines themselves. Created to be powered off of the primordial energy of Moudon's leylines, the Leybound are intimately aware of the decline of traditional magic in the world and the scars that remain from the first industrial revolution. From mercenary to deepest of philosophers, the Leybound will likely take the route of least planar harm. Many have certain misgivings behind the source of current bioalchemy process and the tendency to use extraplanar creatures and material to create chimeras.

Common Etiquette rules

Etiquette can vary largely but the tendency toward overpolite speech is quite common. With those that they respect and care about, the Leybound will show a degree of loyalty and compassion that might reflect that of a knight or caretaker.

Art & Architecture

Art created by the Leybound tend to reflect the complex geometries found in the space between planes. Sculpture and poetry tend to be the most common mediums chosen. Very few examples of Leybound architecture exist but those that do, like the Kavister Gallery, tend to have angles and vertices that align with the leylines in proximity. It is said that these structures also exist within other planes of existence.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

A pilgrimage, usually every ten years, into the energetic space of the Ley is known as Heartswimming is done by all Leybound. In this process they spiritually traverse while their bodies go into hibernation. The connection of lovers within the primordial space is also a known tradition among the Leybound.

Funerary and Memorial customs

A piece of a loved one maybe kept between Leybound lovers or family but the rest of the body is largely recycled into parts to help sustain those still left.

Common Taboos

Killing without purpose is considered a great taboo. However, the deepest taboo is associated with waste. Being a group of very finite numbers, it is expected that the Leybound will help to support one another. Those that try too hard to cling to a life they cannot maintain, wasting good parts, are considered to be especially greedy and wasteful.

Historical figures

  • Kote Mea Eorana (activist)


Beauty Ideals

Classically, beauty was considered by the degree of custom work including filigree that a Leybound was created with. In current times, enduring design and efficiency of action have become the standards of eloqunce and beauty. A mercenary may be considered beautiful but so can a general labourer or archivist depending on function and how much of their original structure remains.

Gender Ideals

The Leybound follow more of a spectrum in gender as most choose if they even want to associate with a gender.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship between Leybound tends to be long romances of meetings and intimacies of connections on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. Some processes model biotic rituals of going to events together, and spending time in long, amorous conversations. Other forms of intimacy are executed by connecting through primordial forces to meet through a twining of individual essence or magical signature.   Connection between Leybound and other species tend to be focused on romantic intimacy following the traditions of the biotic lover.

Relationship Ideals

Romance that focuses on mutual respect and equal wills is often considered the ideal. One is not expected to conform to any traditional societal gender roles but both are expected to protect and build on one another.
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Author's Notes

Leybound Footsoldier created in Heroforge.

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