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Omarop Cove is a fairly profitable port of call that has made a geographical name for itself on a basis of its sustainable fishing industry and being Moudon’s hub for exotic spices. It is nestled in a valley among foothills. The city has a population of 45000 people stably but has revolving populations of sailors, merchants and visitors that frequent area. Omarop Cove also does have a number of temples to lesser known gods and goddesses that make it a popular religious destination as well. As the party comes toward it they first notice solid looking walls surrounding the multi-coloured domed roofs of the larger buildings in the city. There is a port toward the sea that is littered with ships of different sizes. From the gates, people can smell the sea and an undercurrent of spices in the air. Even at night there are enough lights around the city to cast a beautiful scene of jewels along the sea.


Varies greatly as a port city with a growing industrial community and nouveau rich. This city has always survived by being flexible enough to roll with the times and is one of the older cities of Moudon.


Ruled by a council of 12 with various degrees of crookedness involved, Omarop is one of several city-states in Moudon.   Over the years, the structure and priorities of the council have shifted slightly. In the past eras the voice of council members from Gorouti have gone from prominent to almost trivial in how much they hold any sway. Now the voice of the Emerald destrict have gone from not existing to dictating where most of the annual funds are being put. The Sigmi Docks do not have a voice at all anymore being treated more like a distastful diplomatic situation as opposed to a district unto itself. The twelve members vary in their degree of involvement in the underworld of Omarop. One needs only look at who is able to afford better campaigning and who has a louder voice. The newest member is Saji Nourip (representing the Residential district of Emerald). Saji is very unique in that he bought the twelfth seat entirely. As far as anyone knows he did it without the help of any patrons. He is a self made business man that specializes in magical and biological wares. His shops exist across Moudon are called Limitless. Their prices are unbeatable but their profits are also seemingly large enough to allow for Saji to have political office in Omarop, Copera, Grivaltir, Juram, and Mojpun. His research facilities exist in Rime, Siqor, Greenvale, and Worsul and look into a variety of both magical and artificial biological advancements. Politically, Saji has been moving toward an expansion of the space and influence of the middle class but also for greater expansion in the biological market. He has been key in many city-states’ legislation around what is allowed for the creation of new creature hybrids and goods that employ the use of them.


New has been built over old over the years with the oldest and poorest neighbourhoods of the Gorouti District being the most ancient. Some of the Temples and other historical buildings are littered around the city as well. The development of the Emerald District has unearthed some even older relics of the city below the surface.


There are the Majere, Gorouti, Jrysper, and Emerald district in Omarop as well as the Sigmi Docks, which sit as a separate quarter for those that come to visit from outside of Moudon.
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