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Cinderbalm's Judges

Created by the Grand Wizard Heikestra Cinderbalm, the constructs known as the Judges were made to preside until the end of time. Each member presides over a different set of crimes deemed to be the most heinous at the time of their creation during the Magical Revolution. Each has their own character but each is uniform in their driving purpose to find the truth of the cases they preside over. Some of their rulings have been controversial but all of them are honoured by the Edict of Flame, Cinderbalm's ultimatum to Moudon's emperor at the time of their creation.   Each of these Leybound are an individual work of art with their own character and speciality.


The seven Judges each respect and preside over their own cases with infrequent overlap. None is seen as standing above the rest between them.


Bound by a collective purpose of discovering the answers to ethical questions and the truth to crimes, among the Judges honesty and knowledge are held in the highest regard. Otherwise, most of them keep to their own devices.

Public Agenda

As a whole, Cinderbalm's Judges are known to be the government officials you definitely do not want to see. Though any trial held in their courts is heavily audienced by public and private entities. It is said that there each holds court slightly differently but their precedings are like none other in the world.


The Palace of Justice and all of the implements within it belong to the Judges. With each passing year, the building and themselves become rarer relics of an age gone by. Not that they need to make any money.


Cinderbalm created their Judges and a means to judge the spellcasters of the age. When wizards and sorcerers began to start seeing themselves as dieties beyond reproach, great feats of magic were enacted but at great cost. With increasing questions of ethics and safety were brought up, politics and court intrigue saw that some mages got away with murder while others were damned into obcurity or had to draw on destructive forces to stop those that would annhilate the world. Cinderbalm, themselves, realized that creating these impassive judges would eventually mean being judged but it was a willingly taken consequence.   The first few judges and their courts came with a high degree of scepticism but as court darlings and public predators were brought to task, Cinderbalm's ultimatum came to be seen as the necessary leveller in the world. Though over the years some of their sentencing and verdicts have been called into question. Largely, in this new age propelled by bioalchemy, some of the judges have not been seen in court in over a century.

Truth will be found.

Court System
Alternative Names
The Mad Seven
Judicial Body
The Judges, using the basic laws of Moudon as well as a nearly inexhaustable knowledge of philosophy and ethics, are the judges of Moudon at a federal level. They answer to no one, not even the Emperor.
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories
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