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Order of Coin

Founded by Lady Zylphra, the Order of Coin was created not as a guild of merchants but rather by a group of ambitious bookkeepers that wished to break down and follow the actions of the greatest financial powers of Moudon. They collectively see themselves as the checks and balances to the largely crooked world of commerce. Few great moneymakers escape the scrutiny of the Order of Coin; in fact, the Emperor's court was one of the first groups to have their books audited. In most cases, the order's penchant for nosing into the books would make for a short life but under the protection of Lady Zylphra, they have managed to flourish.   It is not the Order of Coin's mission to create upheaval but rather to keep coin as honest as possible in a land that has dealt with large gap between deep poverty and ostentatious wealth since the Magical Revolution.


Lady Zylphra acts as the public face of the group but also its protector from possible fallout for the truths that they find. The other members of the order are organized by level of experience and role of learner versus educator.   Ranks are as follows:
  1. Arch Auditor:

    Held by Lady Zylphra as the one that can take evidence to full task.
  1. Head Proofer:

    Oversees the work of proofer teams to make sure that reports are completed in a timely fashion. Also deals with the Order of Coin's own books regarding work expenses and taxes.
  1. Proofer:

    The head of an auditing group that reviews the annotations on a case's books and formulates the final reports. They are also the ones that teach the auditors how to better zone in on tactics used and how to properly calculate and follow the numbers.
  1. Auditors:

    can range in skill but are the infantry for retrieving and analyzing accounts and records.


There is an open culture around teaching new techniques used by those embezzling money but also around more efficiently getting through records. Truth is respected and encouraging new members to explore and ask questions are expected.

Public Agenda

Honesty in commerce. Even if it means looking like a devil, the Order of Coin is commited to making sure that coin flows the way that it should not collecting in trap.


There is a small brick and mortar headquarter is Xeoti but otherwise most of what the order has is through donations. Part of the monies confiscated in court is given to keeping the order going.


Lady Zylphra found, in the years shortly after Heikestra's trial, that while the Magical Industrial Age was basically dead, there were many businesses and individuals that seemed to be seeing unimaginable wealth at the expense of those falling in the financial depression. Auditing on her own was a slow process that was sometimes hindered by lawyers trying to help lessen charges. That being said Zylphra, wanted to find like-minded people with a love for tracing the truth in the numbers. Starting with visits to universities, Zylphra began to mingle with bookkeepers that also saw a need for some transparency and leveling in the financial world. Slowly the Order of Coin started as a group of learners talking to a lecturer to becoming an organization of about 80 members strong in multiple city chapters.

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The Black Nosers, Proofers
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