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Lady Zylphra

Honourable Lady Zylphra (a.k.a. The Lady of the Court)

Many ask me why a man that has endeavoured to put food on his table should suffer for his crimes the world over, why should he be divested of all his riches? My question to them is: Why should he not suffer when there are a slew of people unable to eat because of his greed? Working hard is part of life but using people and their assets is a choice.  
  • Honourable Lady Zylphra
  • Dealing with crimes of money and fraud, most try to make sure that none of their white collar crimes command her attention. Though her expressions tend toward those of calm and kind, her judgements and sentencing of crimes is without mercy. Many a guilty verdict have been handed down with enough time, fines, and shame to make fraudsters wish that poverty had found them instead.   It is not to say that she deals with every fraud and embezelment that occurs in Moudon, but Zylphra's court never falls out of favour with the common mass. She is an avenging knight for those that have seen what materials they have been extorted and swindled out of at the hands of sly, yet greedy people. The defence ranges from grifters to the heads of wide-spread corporations, but all of them better have their books in order. Zyphra acts as financial forensics specialist as she combs over accounts with the same pleasure of a woman reading pulp romance novels. As an added bonus, she does not forget what she reads.

    Physical Description

    General Physical Condition

    Zyphra takes great pride in her physical appearance, she is all original parts. At the end of the day she is built as a lithe humanoid shape resembling a metal version of a 30-40 year old woman.

    Body Features

    Built into her calves are two holsters which she keeps daggers in. Zylphra had begged Heikestra to install them from the beginning as it was always her intention to be more hands on than the other judges. It is easy for a truth seeker to make enemies and being prepared is always a good defence.

    Apparel & Accessories

    Has an assortment of hats and pipes that is almost notorious in Omarop.

    Mental characteristics

    Personal history

    Lady Zylphra was the fourth to be constructed by Heikestra Cinderdancer. Out of all of the judges, Zylphra is the most travelled. While the others demand that court cases come to them, Zylphra encourages her "business trips". She has been to Xeoti, Copera and Grivaltir multiple times and has even attended symposiums and guest lectured for accountants at universities.


    Primarily, Zylphra is a judge but she is also a teacher for anyone willing to listen. It is through her guidance that the Order of Coins was created, among its number are a slew of bookkeeping experts that have made it their mission to dissect curious mathematics and follow the elusive trail of how coin can trade hands.

    Accomplishments & Achievements

    Creating the Order of Coins is a bit of an accomplishment in Zylphra's eyes as she sees it as her ever present connection to the world outside of The Palace.
    Current Location
    metal with an iris of glowing ochre stone
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    brushed brass
    carried lightly but in excess of 300 lbs
    Aligned Organization
    Other Affiliations


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