Doing some readings <3

So I have completed the summer camp reading challenge and I have realized that I don't think I am done reading articles from the summer camp. I have read a lot of good articles and though it seems that I am not the only one that needs to go back to polish up work later I have loved the ground work I have read. Now for what I read:    

"Α religion or organisation connected to a natural phenomenon"

  Daughters of the M-otherworld by Arianrhod SilverWheel: Doesn't reveal everything but also simultaneously allows the reader enough information to have an idea about what the group is. I have a tendency to feel like I have to explain everything that I can think of in the moment but reading this I can see the wisdom of not necessarily playing out all the information. It lends itself to more openings in the long run.   The Metraind by Mardrena: In contrast, this article has much more written about the finer details of the order. It still has room for the reader to imagine what permutations of power individual members might have, though. I like the sectioning of the material and the main body is well organized. Using the sidebar to house quotes was a nice idea that I had not seriously considered by and large.   The Graceful Blossom Trading Company by drunkenpanda951: An enjoyable article that encourage the reader to explore other facets of the world as well through the use links. This feels a bit like an interest article as well as a encyclopedia article as it paints the picture of a shady but influential group in the world. I like that drunkenpanda951 understands that you don't have to duplicate groundwork when you have links that people can hover over to get more info or click on, if they so choose.    

"Myths/legends about a monster"

  The Legend of the Wygamanou by Arianrhod SilverWheel: In some ways this reads like an ancient myth and it also brings about a possible theme for the larger world story, which I feel at times I fail to do with my articles.   Patino Nightstalkers by Travakh : The use of quotes and accounts immerse you in some of the narrative and the sensationalism of a group of people makes for an urban legend that is already known to have been debunked but still intriguing none the less. The way that Travakh has written this also lends itself a window into talking about the mindset of the people in Patino and a group that stands for reason in the world. I found that I liked the style of how the article was written as a way to more interestingly frame some exposition. Exposition is always something that I feel I become a bit too boring or oversimplistic with.   Das Entstehen der Azmaescis by Secere Laetes As an anaylsis of the myth itself, this article stands out since I would have never thought to make my myth article this way. It provides a lot for framework for the world and is also connected many of the already detailed aspects of the larger world/project. In my opinion, as written this article also allows a prospective GM that wants to work with the world understand how perceptions of the myth may change based on which god someone follows. As someone working on a campaign setting keeping facets like that in mind is very important. After all, I am writing something that another person would build on and use in a particular narrative.  

Foods that mark a rite of passage for a culture in your world

  Ukessik: Foul Meal by Daskalarch: This article is hilarious to me but it also lends itself so well to the characterization of the people that eat it. Weaving in the significance to how it is prepared gives it a realness but also added areas where narratives could grow. It makes me feel I should allow myself to have a bit more levity when I write so that it is more enjoyable for the reader and also perspective parties that might come up with ridiculous ways to acheive a goal in their campaign.   Sugarstrop by AvalonArcana: I like that this article contains the ingredients for the recipe, which make me feel like making it. It also has highlighted for me that I would very much like to create some articles about food with fake/real recipes for making them. If for no other reason than tickling a food-lovers fancy.   Eveil des Flammes by hellay: This article reads like an anthropolgist talking about a rite of passage. It uses familiar ideas that have/do occur in our own world as rites of passage and makes a unique story without reinventing the wheel. I think that is something I need to keep in mind, since even the fanastical still needs to have a degree of familiarity to imagine.   I think there are a few things that I have learned for my future writing. Some bullet points are in order.
  • Keep it simple: Not every article that I write needs to elaborate on details ad nauseam, but that doesn't mean that there is no space to elaborate where needed in the future
  • Links are your friend: those little pop-up links are great because they keep me from having to re-write what I have already written and spur a desire to read more.
  • Flair: whether it is a recipe, a picture, a quote, or a bit of a joke something more than just an explanation goes a long way in keeping a reader interested. I know that I can't do it for all of my articles but I have appreciated every time I have seen the flair that people add to their writing.
  • Also I need to learn how to use more of the bits and bobbles that I have at my disposal. There is so much that I can do to help with my aesthetics that I still don't understand :P


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