Temple of Quati: Omarop

Goddess of knowledge, technology and law, Quati is a popular deity among wizards, artificers, monks, and some rogues. Quati values knowledge and information above almost everything else and these are seen as the key to life. Followers and holy people of Quati tend to be well versed in identifying things and linguistics. The temple itself is simple and actually more of a library, populated with both traditional books, scrolls and tablets as well as enchanted texts. It is said that with a little luck or patience one can find any answer they seek in the Temples of Quati and this particular one is one of the largest in Moudon.

Purpose / Function

The Temple of Quati in Omarop functions as both a shrine to the Goddess of Knowledge, Quati, and as a repository of Omarop's knowledge as a whole. While the Spokane Collective deals in magical knowledge and artefacts, Quati and the Quadrins are involved in the knowing of all things. It is still controversial after all these ages that the Order of Quati command that no information should be kept from even the poorest citizen.


The only alteration other than the ever expanding shelves of the temple was an alcove made in the height of the magic boom of Moudon that houses a cystallized copy of The High Quadrin Overseer Almandra's astral projection, that will recite the oral traditions of Moudon from earlier ages.


The temple has three levels above ground and an astounding seven levels down. High vaulted ceilings allow for ample shelving options. The outside of the temple is actually surprisingly simple made of quarried stone with a blue and gold dome a top it made of trazlucerne, a slightly opalescent stone allowing for sunlight to come through its translucent surface.


Relatively simple alarm spells and variations are on the building itself, but the books are each enchanted to return to the temple upon attempts to exit with them. Only two books have ever manage to be abducted from the Order of Quati and there is a rich prize for anyone that can find them and return them.


Omarop's Temple of Quati was actually the third to be built in Moudon. Its process of being built was exceptional in its secrecy at the time as having seven layers deep was not only an arduous process but builders wanted to ensure that others would not try to recreate the effect without the help of the architects and engineers in the Order of Quati. They managed to build the temple without any deaths but there were a slew of near-deaths due to the danger of working so far down.


It is mostly scholars that trek to Omarop with the intentions of seeing the Temple of Quati. Omarop's collection is one of the oldest and larger than even Xeoti's, it is only seconded by the temple in Grivaltir.
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