Thessa's Inn

A deceptively simple accommodation, Thessa’s Inn is affordable but also had a slew of tricks up its sleeve. There is an entrance for the common folk and a more hidden entrance for the sneakier and more clandestine types. In fact, the bar and food hall is the only area where these two groups meet with typical rooms above ground and an extensive myriad of more secretive rooms below. This is not to say that Thessa and her kin agree with evil deeds so much as that they are pragmatists and understand that everyone needs a safe place to stay. There are house rules at the Inn including that there shall be no stealing or killing in the establishment. Weapons are magically locked away and in a strange turn of events, Thessa’s Inn is actually considered foreign sovereign soil. This means that though authorities may frequent the Inn, the only rules that apply within are Thessa’s. There are many stories for how this came to be but the only ones that know for sure are now all dead and gone including Thessa herself. Her family still keeps the traditions going and it has served them well. It is likely the most well-protected and least understood place in Omarop Cove.

Purpose / Function

At its simplest, Thessa's Inn is a safe haven for all. In a city like Omarop Cove, where there has always been corruption and factions and politics, Thessa's Inn has frequently served as the one place of respite for even the most terrible of villains.


Over the inn's existence, it had undergone a number of renovations. Some of these are in the public records such as connecting it to the newer sewer system. Other renovations have been done in secret and are known to none but the Felstar Family.


With a foundation and first floor made out of rough hewn stone, Thessa's Inn on a first glance looks like a bit of a spartan place to stay in. Inside is a fully decked out bar with twelve revolving taps. There are plenty of beautifully carved tables and chairs and the main supporting pillars each look like a unique creature of Moudon.   Underground the architecture


Defensively, there are several aspects to Thessa's. Some of these defenses include the layout, thick lower levels, several exits and a few traps.


Thessa's Inn basically opened when Gorouti district was formed, before Omarop gained its name. Over its time, it has been a place of diplomatic import, rest, intrigue and revolution. Its convoluted halls and secrets hold a history of their own.


Many travellers come here as it is very affordable but there are many that specifically come for a momentary reprieve or to try to unravel the secrets of the inn.
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