In the Name of Discovery

Following the events in Rime, the party finds themselves with some information that they did not have before. Though Vkor Nresk does not have any further quests for them through the Reszich Order at the moment, he does suggest that more information and quests can be found in the Spokane Archives. The Temple of Quati: Omarop would likely also have some answers as well.   Should the party choose to get some more information on the facility in Rime and Meriy Ventris, some investigation will be in order.

Plot points/Scenes

Spokane Archives:

  In the halls of the Spokane Archive, Atir, is head curator. If the heroes have not already completed the quest Atir's Students, the party is offered the quest. If they seek out information about what happen in Rime, the heroes are told by Atir that they need to be careful if they want to do any close snooping of Limitless' research; the company guards its business closely. Atir does not know the specifics of that research facility but does point out some public-access books on basic bioalchemy.   Spending at least a four-hour session with the books reveal the basics in the process of bioalchemy, enough to understand that the likely source of the Drain is due to a mutagen rather than poisoned water. Someone aiming to become a BioAlchemist will be able to learn the steps to Genetic Stew, which is a ritual that can be used to derive a random short lived hybrid.    

Temple of Quati:

  Seeking out more specific Rime and Meriy Ventris, the heroes may seek out information at the Temple of Quati in Omarop. The leader of this temple is Zaimil Bokani and though Zaimil is busy at first, if the party is willing to stick around. Zaimil is curious about what has occurred in Rime, having more information about some of the inner workings of the research facility than first hand accounts on Drain and its effects.   In an exchange of some information, Zaimil will offer some information about Meriy Ventris and her recent switch to Yorubell Genetics Company. With a persuasion check (DC 17), Zaimil will also admit that they are willing to share a speculation, very unusual amongst Quadrins, about Meriy's research. Though Limitless is considered to be almost fanatic in their desire to keep their research and manuacturing methods secret, Yorubell is not and going to their office to find some information on what Meriy is up to may prove profitable. In fact, Zaimil has heard that Meriy was creating something that might be legendary in its ability to create wealth.   Zaimil will reveal that there is a Yorubell office in Omarop, in the Emerald District. It is attached to a small shop selling some of the latest products they have.    

Yorubell Shop:

  Yorubell Shop: Omarop is much smaller than Limitless but they have a decent range of products. Notably they have a variety of "toothless" miniature versions of dragons, displacer beasts, and ten other beasts that are all the rage to keep as pets right now. The shop owner, Cloyir Bask, is fairly new to the business but a salesman at heart. Cloyir will confirm that there are regular updates that come up in the Yorubell Flier, a newsletter talking about all the up and coming hybrids and products, even offering up the latest copy. It alludes to some massive changes coming to the line up with the introduction of a new research lead, Meriy Ventris.   Curiously, the newsletter says a lot about nothing at all. The new products highlighted include some new exotic pets as well as an alternative to the Drammer. It does also suggest that the new product made by Meriy's team will be "an investment with great returns". Pressing Cloyir for details will be aided by buying something in the store. For a successful persuasion check (DC 15), Cloyir will provide a bit more information as below:   [Aloud] Cloyir leans closely toward the group.     "Truth be told, workers at Yorubell are given a version of the Yorubell Flier themselves with a bit more information about the products and such. You know, so we can sell it better and such. This new project from Bioalchemist Ventris has been the most secretive yet. Beyond this thing being a good investment, the only other thing that we have been told is that the product is too be marketed to the richest and that all preorders are welcome to secure the first batch. The way that they talk you would swear that its a hybrid that shits gold."     Cloyis plays with one of his gold rings and looks about.     "Also, in a couple days, Ventris is supposed to be coming to our humble shop here to appeal to some of the money families of Omarop. Most of them being the ones that come to money through dubious means. Invitation only."[/Aloud]   Cloyis is unable to give an invitation of his own, as the that process is above his head. If asked as to why he is so willing to help, his honest answer is that he has met Meriy once, and that there is something very untoward about the bioalchemist. If someone can find out a little information about the new product or the person behind it, Cloyis feels the better the salesperson they will be. Or the quicker that Cloyis can find other employment having been on the wrong side of deals and the law one too many times.
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