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Owned by Saji Nourip, Limitless is one of the biggest names in creature hybrids and household items that are powered by them. The head of hybrid creation is Joon Prinou (actually Nourip’s sister) and the head of engineering is Dhamil Heltom. Shops exist across Moudon in growing numbers. Their prices are unbeatable but their profits are also seemingly large enough to allow for Saji and Limitless to have political office in Omarop, Copera, Grivaltir, Juram, and Mojpun. There are research facilities in Rime, Sigor, Greenvale, and Worsul and look into a variety of both magical and artificial biological advancements.


Limitless is headed by Saji Nourip as CEO but led by others depending on the section.   In the research section, Joon Prinou is the Head of Research and has been building on and evolving the nature and process of making hybrids and manipulating the magic and genetics of the various creatures made for the purposes of household and commercial growth in this industrious age. Joon herself has several small groups headed by Lead Developers that are working on a variety of specific fields. The most experimental of these are not even on the official records for Limitless.   On the manufacturing side of things, Dhamil Heltom is the Head of Engineering and Homu Tister is the Head of Production. They have production and maintenance teams that are led by managers which then lead team leads/supervisors to churn out massive amounts of products (both biological and mechanical) while also having mobile and stationary teams that manage the maintenance of Limitless products.   Then there is the political and public side of things that is also headed by Saji himself to keep the image of Limitless as a strong presence in all of Moudon's social circles.


Limitless has a work culture of dualities. On one hand, workers at all levels are encouraged and expected to represent Limitless in a good light, even on personal time. They are supposed to show solidarity with Limitless public projects and images to promote the image of a good household name and benevolent company. On the other hand, any development and manufacturing processes are to be kept absolutely confidential by soul-binding contract unless expressed cases of divulgences are allowed by Saji himself. This has only happened twice.   Core beliefs center around the advancement of Moudon into a new age of science and evolution through biology. After suffering briefly but intensely through an age that polluted the environment and drained much of the magic from the planet, Limitless seeks to create a version of Moudon that can coincide with the planet and allow for civilization to flourish but not necessarily on the backs of citizens.

Public Agenda

As mentioned before, there is a whole political/public relations arm to Limitless. Headed and largely controlled directly by Saji. Saji has been able to gain political station for Limitless and himself in quite a few of the city-states of Moudon. Notably, though the Limitless HQ is in Xeoti (the largest city of Moudon and effective capital) Saji has not been able to gain political office there due to the ancient system of inheriting office in Xeoti that is closely guarded.   In a way, Limitless' public agenda lies just short of revolutionary. The organization, as a whole, aims to shift the structure of science and technology to become more accessible to even the poorest of Moudon to promote a more globally responsible way of living. They aim to build and grow on the creation of a successful middle class, where Moudon has typically only had the very rich and the very poor. This was started by the first industrial age but then furthered by this second biological industrial age. By implication, they also want to dismantle certain infrastructure in favour of civilization as a whole. The idea is if the people at the bottom benefit so can those on top. There are charities and efforts headed by Limitless to help 'bridge the gaps' as well too. In short, Limitless wishes to port itself as a citizen of Moudon in itself.


With one of the largest networks of facilities, suppliers, and workforce in Moudon, Limitless is currently one of the richest and influential companies. On top of physical wealth, Limitless also has exclusive rights to several regions of land in Moudon, bonds upwards of millions of gold pieces, and an extensive collection of exclusive resources and discoveries. They also have a fleet of naval and air ships as well drammer vehicles for logistics that can rival some city-state's military presence.


The known history of Limitless is that the company started with Saji Nourip when he was in his early twenties. His understanding and interest in the developing field of biologic and evolutionary manipulation led him to try and explore more effective, high-fidelity ways of generating hybrids that could improve Moudon.   With a small group of friends he had gone to school with, Saji was able to develop Limitless as a business. They started with the creation of the Inferni, a hybrid cross used to heat objects in a way more controlled than trying to tame a fire elemental. This allowed people to heat their homes without having to rely on coal or magic. The change was revolutionary and allow Limitless to take off just as Saji completed his doctorate.   His earliest research papers are now public record as they outline some of the inadequacies of typical genetic manipulation of the time and refined them with some basic applications of magic. This took biologics from being a niche market to being a major business with several different players but none seem to have been able to refine the process quite as well as Limitless.

Advancements know no bounds

Corporation, Research & Development
Alternative Names
Limitless or LB


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