As one of the largest booming professions of Moudon in this current age, biological alchemists or Bioalchemists as they are known by the more mundane scientific sorts, are the keystone in the current boom of innovation.   Though Saji Nourip was not the first one to start the field he and Limitless Biologics have come to be known as the forerunners in the field. Only a decade ago the first alchemists and biologists of the current age realized that there was a marriage to be had between the worlds of science and magic. The world of sciences had come far enough to start to explain some of the building blocks of life. For instance, how a cow comes to grow into the cow we know, starting from the base of two cells. The world of magic seemed have been fully explored to some as the boom in magical development had left some tracts of land completely barren of life and others stripped of most natural magic. Moudon needed a solution for an unsustainable life and the answer appeared in the study of biological alchemy.   Over the past few decades the role of the biological alchemist has been to develop natural solutions to the needs of Moudon. This has led to creatures like the Inferni, that now keep hundreds of homes warm through the winter. The drive to expand the knowledge of this field and fill the gaps left by the bust of the coal and magic eras has led many people to this new field. Every discovery is carefully guarded until patents and money can be made. Every biological alchemist wants to become the next Saji and dictate the growth of the world.



Originally, this profession was formed of prodigies in the biologist and alchemical worlds that started to realize through their research into particular applications of magic to previously only scientific processes. Namely, studies in genetics lead to a deeper understanding that the building blocks of life could be altered but ultimately the greatest levels of change can only be achieved through the tactful use of magic to facilitate these changes. These prodigies were largely classically trained in universities around Moudon. In recent years, there are now univeristies that offer studies in biological alchemy but there is no formal registration for the field. The worth of a biological alchemist is often determined by their discoveries and ability to market them for their own profit.

Career Progression

Typically, most biological alchemist find work in biologic firms, the biggest of those names being Limitless. Once one is able to find/develop an original creature of their own, the unofficial dream is to successfully smuggle it out to make a business of your own. Few can truly claim this acheivement for themselves.

Payment & Reimbursement

Working under a firm, a biological alchemist often blends into a mass of fellow ambitious creators to make a name for themselves. The pay can be decent (50 GP a month) for a technician level but it can only be so satisfying as team leads make an average of 80 GP a month and get their names on research papers. Directors make an average of 250 GP a month but are largely considered to be washed-up in terms of new ideas. Meanwhile, successful CEOs call most of the shots ultimately and bring in a minimum of 10 000 GP a month.

Other Benefits

Having one's name attached to a new hybrid or reputable research article gives biological alchemists social advancement both in the field as well as in Moudon at large as they have become somewhat of a class of celebrities in recent years.
Research / Scientific


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Jan 16, 2022 13:28

I really like the idea of magic and sciene working together in order of achieving something bigger, however I would really love to know how exactly they enhance one another. Does magic allow to break the rules of science and as such bursts through the known borders or does scientific knowledge allow for greater usage of magic abilities within the natural laws?

Jan 17, 2022 01:31

Thanks for the question! It is more like the expanding knowledge of science has allowed bioalchemists to apply transmutation and conjuration magic to create the emergence of new species. It is like realizing that genetics is one of the building blocks of life and also realizing that through the use of magic one can facilitate the creation of new chimera-like beings.