Gorouti District

There are more low lying businesses and homes among the Gorouti district. Most of the working class live and work in the area. The rougher parts of the district are known for gambling dens, seedy bars, and warehouses that might just be fronts for other things. The better parts are a bit ragged but homey and winding in their own ways. The Gorouti homes and structures are some of the oldest in the city proper and they show their age. The areas that border the Emerald district are the most modern, currently being gentrified by up-and-coming magnates and barons. Most of the Gorouti view this with a sort of disdain and make a point of vandalizing and spitting on the surfaces of the area. Gorouti also touts the greatest degree of variety in people and races.


The original inhabitants were largely human, hanging on along the shores of the Omarop Highlands and plains. Small squat structures made of clay indigenous to the area are indicative of some of the oldest buildings. Over time, Omarop's reputation as a port has lead to a boom in the diversity of the area. First there were tritons, living along the shoals of Omarop for some years before the settlements creation. Eventually, waves of elves, dwarves, gnomes, and others came to Omarop to enjoy this resource rich location and beautiful views.   Unfortunately, this particular district suffers from rampant poverty. This disproportionately affects tritons, half-orcs, newer humans in the area, goblinoids, and the odd kenku.


Ruled by the Council of Twelve in the Crystal Scarab, there are only two representatives for the Gorouti District now and their voices are increasingly ignored in the council. The current representatives are Krina Wroughthold (Female Human) and Dagger (Female Goblin).   Krina wants to come up in the world and has found some friends of questionable repute to help her into her position. Krina's wealth has grown since taking the role along with her social network but her voice seems to get incredibly quiet when it comes to make her constituents' needs known to council.   Dagger, on the other hand, is loud and proud with her heritage and the needs of Gorouti but the Council seems to discount most of what she says. She can frequently be seen in Gorouti speaking to it inhabitants, helping out with bettering things at a grassroots level, or at the Crystal Scarab for meetings.


Omarop's city walls and the Old Gorouti Fortress mark the majority of Gorouti's defences. Both of these are kept in surprisingly good condition compared to the rest of the district. However, anyone with any knowledge of Omarop knows that history has proven that the most vulnerable areas must be protected ever the more vigilantly. City guards are a regular presence here but are more concerned with protecting from the outside versus protecting the people of the district from each other. The Gorouti Gate is manned all hours of the day with an elite guard, known as the Gorouri Shields.

Industry & Trade

The docks and casinos of Gorouti keep the area financially relevant. Among the warehouses are quite a few manufacturing plants for textiles, fine goods, and chemicals.


The docks are a disorganized melting pot of piers that have been built on top of one another. They have a small fish and goods market at their base and mark one of the foundations of the district. It then builds up into short but sturdy clay warehouses and homes that are some of the oldest in Gorouti. A few of these buildings are not even connected to the sewer system. Meanwhile, newer buildings and forums pop up in increasing frequency as one moves inland, made with brick and stone. It is in these areas that most of the shops, casinos, and place of commerce exist. On the southern end, there are more boarding houses, charity/community buildings, and residential areas. At the most northern end, there have been recent redevelopments as Emerald drives deep down to gentrify the area.   The southern area gets its water from wells and the old aquaducts but the northern end has been slowly introduced to the newer water system that is quite experimental at the present.


  • Fish Market
  • Cheaper general goods stores
  • Cheap lodgings

Guilds and Factions

Most of the factions of this area are linked to the various casinos but there is also the Harbour Commission. The commitee controls the sectioning off of the piers as well as the fish market and warehouse permits. Some say that the Harbour Commission holds more sway over the livelihood of Omarop than the Council or the more criminal elements.   The casinos in the area are each run by different semi-criminal factions. The two main ones are the Scarabs and the Jackals. The Scarabs control the casino known as Craps, one of the biggest small pot casinos in the area. It is headed by Xulio Jarhlir (male Half-elf). The Jackals, meanwhile, control the High Roller's Casino. This casino is known throughout Moudon as one of the highest gains/highest risks casinos in the land. It is headed by Beldris (NB Mephistopheles Tiefling).


The Gorouti District is a hodge-podge of mostly old and some remodelled buildings. The oldest are more representative of the old clay brick techniques of the first settlers in this valley. They are surprisingly sturdy but what is crumbling is quickly replaced with Emerald District vogue (for some reason the places in the worst condition are all near the northern edges of Gorouti).
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