Old City Forum

This massive plaza used to be the old site of the Republic of Omarop. Buildings that used to be used for political matters are now either kept as museums or being converted into upscale living spaces as the area is nestled right next to the Emerald district. The actual outdoor part of the forum is still a place for students of Omarop University to debate, lecture, and protest.

Purpose / Function

Originally the Old City Forum was used as the main meeting place and market for Gorouti. As Gorouti expanded and the city of Omarop was formed the forum still stood as a meeting place and area for official business to be conducted until the Crystal Scarab was constructed. Currently, the Forum is used as a place to meet and where students of the nearby Omarop University come to debate with the public and learn.


Over time, the buildings that line the forum and the main obelisk in the center have been renovated and restored. Many of the buildings have been repurposed as new lofts, museums, and galleries.


The forum is largely constructed out of stone and fine but sturdy granite quarried from the Omarop Highlands and Valley. The Obelisk is a sort of oddity in Moudon, a structure familiar to Omarop but not seen outside of the region. It .is decorated with reliefs detailing four of the oldest legends.   Mosaic tiles around the core obelisk exhibit the passing of the seasons in Moudon and are made of various gems that glow in the night. The threat of the age-old curse of the Gorouti Witch keeps most from attempting to steal the gems. Those that do are seldom ever heard from again and when they are, they return the gems no longer completely whole. Either way, the mosaic is whole once more by the next morning.   Benches, archways, and planters in various ornate shapes can also be found in this area, standing as exhibits to the shaping of the incredibly hard Omarop Highlands granite.


Many people that come to visit end up at the forum at some point. This has led to the prevalence of small souvenir stands and droves of tour guides setting up shop in the area to make a living.
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