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Majere District

Home of the merchants and religious centres of the city. The Grand Bazaar of Majere is here, a riot of scents, fabrics and wonders. Temple boulevard is home to many miracles and blessings, some true and others veiled ways of robbing the unsuspecting. There are plenty of places to eat and stock up on supplies but a marked absence of alcohol as several of the faiths forbid the drinking of alcohol at or near the temples. Merchants range in terms of goods, prices, and trustworthiness.


Range greatly as most of those who live in this district are religious or merchants that come to Omarop to make a presence in the city as a whole.


The northern gatehouse (Majere Gates) and the city walls are the bulk of this districts defences along with a healthy presence of guards. At the bottom of the city walls is a deep pit that ends in water of some unknown depth allowing most passage to only come through the drawbridge entrance.


The temples are largely grouped on one road and then surrounded by the merchant pockets of the district with a comparatively smaller residential area than the other districts.


Assets unique to the area include the many places to worship as well as shops such as Josk's Emporium, Gregarious' Wands and Baubles, Crag's smithy, the Grand Bazaar, Volumes on Volumes, and Semele's Fine Goods. There are are also banks and other smaller shops in the area. Essentially, Majere is the place people come to do business and seek the favour of their gods.

Guilds and Factions

Majere is largely influenced by the merchant guild (and its affiliate underworld organizations) and the temples. This makes for a strange but mostly harmonious balance of the religous and secular. This area is perhaps the least politically driven of the districts on the surface but underneath they have long influenced most of the actions of the Council of Twelve.


This was the second major area of Omarop that was built, after Gorouti, and led to the need for the creation of city walls to encapsulate the growth. By this time building materials began to get imported from elsewhere as Omarop built up its position as a port city. Majere's structure reflects the times in which it was developed. Temples largely reflect more of the art style and clay of the original settlers. Meanwhile the merchant district grew as the Age of Tethered Magic was in full swing and the variety of good first boomed. Now the space has been largely static as they have run out of space to expand.

Points of interest

Temple boulevard and the Grand Bazaar are the main places frequented by locals and tourists alike making them the biggest points of interest. There is also the unusual Helpyre's Gate which is thought to have existed in the are before Gorouti was even founded and possible engaged in the early stages of the Age of Tethered Magic.   There are eight main temples including:
  • Temple of Roju
  • Temple of Wenoh
  • Temple of Dowar
  • Temple of Yoru
  • Temple of Quati
  • Temple of Haniick
  • Temple of Brost


Stone and wood make up the majority of the merchant areas while houses are made of stone. The temples vary in construction but are largely clay, stone or marble. Some of Gorouti's characteristic jewel tone domes can be seen in this area as well.
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