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Heikestra Cinderbalm (Hey-Kes-Tra Sin-Der-Balm)

Leylord Heikestra Cinderbalm (a.k.a. The Deep Flame)

There are those that will call me a monster one day, and others that may see me as a hero. Still, all my life I only wanted to be legendary but now I would like to fade in obscurity. I would like this wholed damned age to disappear. There is such a thing as too much.  
  • Heikestra Cinderbalm
  • Heikestra stands as one of the most complex players in the Magical Revolution. Though not the first one to pioneer magic, Heikestra was a natural prodigy with an experimental soul that managed to bring great advances in esoteric and complex magic. Particularly, Cinderbalm's legendary constucts, the ley bound. Starting out as a member of the Omarop magocracy, Heikestra rose in ranks as they redefined how spellcasters accessed leylines across Moudon. As she rose in power, Cinderbalm was able to command and even manipulate great primordial magic but she did not want to bend a knee to Emperor Liron, who at the time had been trying to influence politics and country by his control of mages. Heikestra was willing to commit acts of war to keep distinct from the collective the Emperor wanted to make.   Cinderbalm eventually came to a realization along the way, though. With every passing year, wizards, sorcerers and warlocks the world over began to forget that there were basic rules put into place with good reason. After witnessing more than one act of indiscriminant violence, Heikestra decided that it was time to put a foot down. Sometimes it was their own and finally it was the creation of an impartial force that would stand as judge to these possible and definite crimes.   Though never a seer, Heikestra Cinderbalm was a visionary and saw the coming of the end of the Magical Revolution. In the leylines, there was ominous evidence of the consequence of hubris and greed. Cinderbalm understood that they were a part of it too. Ultimately, there is no limitless power in this world.

    Mental characteristics

    Personal history

    Heikestra was born into a family that fastidiously honed them and their two siblings spellcasting abilities. All they were allowed to know was what would allow them to advance in the mageocracy. For the Cinderbalms, the magical revolution was a way for the "pure" sun elves of Mojpun to finally be able to know the sun again without the shadow of the Emperor and their human oppressors. Magic is pretty much all that Heikestra knew until she left Mojpun to immigrate to Omarop. In her studies, she had read of the rich leylines that existed in the area. It would be the place for her to flourish. Though it is said that Cinderbalm never found love or social connections, Cinderbalm found sources of power unimaginable and became one of the greatest spellcasters of their time.   Working the ranks up the mageocracy of Omarop was difficult but with every advance became more insight into the difficulties of relying solely on spellwork and experimental circles. In creating the first of the Leybound, Cinderbalm sought to connect to the world and provide new frontiers of defence and industry never seen before. With that success came hubris and the delusion that Heikestra could make themselves a god. However, in the wake of Emperor Liron's decree to bend a knee and a luxurious world on the brink of decay, Cinderbalm's ambitions cooled and solidified into a double edged sword.   Years of money, influence and power, kept Heikestra afloat even when their ideas and calls for change were not embraced. It was a steadfast will to keep Moudon alive that allowed Cinderbalm to make decisions that eventually damned her to her own reckoning.


    Heikestra was trained by the best of Mojpun's tutors before she left for Omarop. Over the years, she furthered her research in Omarop and its surrounding highlands. She redefined her understanding of constructs in Copera and Grivaltir. Finally, towards the end, Heikestra journeyed to the Unclaimed Lands to discover some of the secrets of the Veldt.

    Accomplishments & Achievements

    Cinderbalm is credited with the creation of the Leybound and The Palace of Justice.
    unknown (~340)
    dark plum, style could change on a whim
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
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    Author's Notes

    Graphics for Heikestra created in Heroforge.

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