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Giropel's Quandry

Atir describes Giropel as a slightly jumpy lady with a bookish look and long dark curls. She is a human in her middle ages and amicable most of the time. Atir had always known that she lacked money, having come from a family of little means but lately her mother had died leaving her to pay back bills that she was working overtime to try and pay. At first she had sufficed to work overtime but something happened and, despite Atir offering her an interest free loan, she had started going to Craps to increase her income. It has been a few days since she has arrives at the Spokane Archives for work.

Plot points/Scenes

Searching Craps

  Should the team choose to follow Atir’s lead, they can go to Craps. The place is a riot of twinkling lights, the sounds of a decent live band play fast and loose and people chasing a dream. Despite the chaos there are almost patterns of people expressing joy while others hang their heads lower. People filter in and out steadily as people lose and double paychecks by the minute. If the crew asks around about Giropel, some of the patrons say they have not seen the twitchy woman in the last couple of days since he won big. One patron, a big lady with an even bigger laugh, wins a jackpot before saying that she saw Giropel win on the machine next to hers as well as one three over two days ago. Giropel had either been very lucky or very stupidly trying to cheat. The lady, Mina, suggests that Giropel may have gone to the High Roller’s Casino, in order to pay her way out of some trouble if she was indeed cheating at Craps and caught after she left.   The team can try and ask the staff at Craps about Giropel’s playing two nights ago but the staff will only smile and say that she was a big winner and may have found herself a new, better life. Anyone with an insight check (DC 16) will know that this is definitely not the case. Anyone persuasive enough (DC 18) will be able to find out that Giropel was indeed caught for trying to cheat the slots with a small device that has since been destroyed and that she either owes triple what she made on the slots or her hands as recompense. She has not squared her debt yet. Trying to beat out an answer from an attendant will be met with a fight with four veterans that will throw their out, possibly unconscious. All of the attendants are resistant to being charmed, many of them are elves.   Asking around the city about Giropel can be a short or long task depending on the DM/GM’s discretion but generally those who do know of Giropel know that they have not seen her in at least two days. One may have last seen her stumbling around late that night clutching her arm and going toward the High Roller’s Casino. Others may have seen her trying several gambling dens in the area with little luck or outright being banned from playing.  

Searching High Roller's

  Heading to the High Roller’s Casino, the party notices that this is the nicest looking casino, Lighting and presentation from outside is tasteful with two heavy doors with a intricate relief of celestials on it. Around the casino are a few desperate faces panhandling. Many of them are missing limbs, hunched over themselves, and a couple are even missing eyes. The bouncers outside are sturdy (Veterans) and check the intentions of the party before letting them through the doors. The foyer just beyond has two Aasimars, they are dressed like celestials with faint outline of translucent wings behind them, they ask for the party’s weapons, any attempt to keep a weapon on them will be spotted. If the party is compliant, one of them will whisper to a party member that they should ensure that they are careful with any wagers that they make. The stakes are high and once offered, no wagers can be taken back.  
“The main floor has roulette tables, three dragon ante, and a few various card games. The dealers are dressed in royal blue and the space is well lit and there is a mixed smell of perfume, cigars, and fine liquors in the air. Money chips exchange fast and in large amounts, many going through a set of heavy, dark-red curtains in the back after being approached by staff dressed in blood red outfits. No one seems to come out.”
  If the party attempts to go into the back, they are stopped by two bugbear chiefs that say that the back is invitation only. The only way to get an invitation is by playing the tables. Provided that someone in the party wins at the tables three times, an invitation will be given. The party can also try to sneak past on opposed rolls.  
“Once beyond the curtain, the suave air to the casino changes. There is a coppery smell in the air and the light is gloomier. People sit at tables with dealers dressed in blood red. The players at the tables seem in various degrees of distress; some are sweating as they look at their cards while others are on the verge of tears or hysterics. A few of the fresher faces look confident but the grim air to the room suggests that they may not stay that way. As you all proceed to look around you see one man being hauled up from a three dragon ante table being hauled up to a darker side of the room. Those of you with darkvision see that the man is pulled up to sit in some kind of engineered chairs that snaps manacles around his arms and legs as soon as he sits. A cloaked figure comes up with a wicked looking cleaver that heats up with a low orange just before the man’s arm is amputated just below the shoulder. He lets out a wail and some of the players cringe or flinch away while others look in that direction. For those that cannot see, you only hear his whimpering and then the scream. He is then dragged off behind a door close by.”
  The heroes can now play or start looking for Giropel. Any attempt to linger at any one table will be viewed with suspicion but the group will eventually find Giropel sitting at a card table. She has one hand wrapped in bandages and a nervous look on her face.


A healthy amount of stealth and people skills will get a team far. Gambling is big in Omarop but likely not as lucrative as believed.
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Level 3 quest
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