Summer Camp 2019: Summary

Written by ninne124

by Ninne124
Oh yes, it's finally that time of year again!

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  SUMMER CAMP  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

by Ninne124
I've honestly been looking forward to this for months now. Summer Camp holds a special place in my heart since it was the event that really made me write again. I managed to finish all prompts last year, and I aim to do so again, I just hope I have the time! :3
If you want to follow along and see what I've written during this wonderful month, just look a bit further down. There, you'll find a table over all the prompts I've written articles for, and they're numbered and everything!
You can go check out my plans and other SC related stuff at the bottom since Barron gave us some homework in the weeks before Summer Camp began!

✧ Articles written during Summer Camp 2019 ✧

Prompt 1

Prompt 2

Prompt 3

Teina River
Geographic Location | Dec 11, 2019

The biggest river in Mailessi.

Species | Jul 2, 2019

A fruit only found near the Teina River in Mailessi.

Settlement | Jul 19, 2019

A town in the most northern part of Morlea, known for supplying Bechlea and nearby areas with wood and lumber.

Prompt 4

Prompt 5

Prompt 6

Arcmore Sacred Halls
Building / Landmark | Jul 18, 2019

An important cultural center for the Treil of Arcmore.

Geographic Location | Jul 22, 2019

The most northern point in Morlea. Part of Ildres. The place were the Treil fled to after being hunted by the rest of the Iwachi.

The Lion of Bechlea
Building / Landmark | Jul 4, 2019

A stone and statue monument found outside of Bechlea (the Capital city of Edrea)

Prompt 7

Prompt 8

Prompt 9

Settlement | Jul 22, 2019

The only harbour in Ildres which is not under Ildrish command. It belongs to the Treil people.

The Republic of Halivaara
Organization | Jul 18, 2019

A country not recognized by the country of Ildres, who mean they own the land. The Republic is home of the hunted Treil Iwachi.

Prompt 10

Prompt 11

Prompt 12

Rama House
Building / Landmark | Jul 19, 2019

The typical architectural style used in homes in Halivaara.

Prompt 13

Prompt 14

Prompt 15

Organization | Jul 20, 2019

The religion of the Treil-Iwachi's. A combination of their earlier religion and Arkanism.

Yael Pashei
Character | Jul 18, 2019

Yael is a chieftain of the Treil and she hails from Arcmore. She's the reason that the Ildres government has finally signed an official document stating that the Treil are no longer a hunted people.

Prompt 15

Prompt 17

Prompt 18

Prompt 19

Prompt 20

Prompt 21

Prompt 22

Prompt 23

Prompt 24

Material | Jul 18, 2019

A light but very strong metal found only on the eastern side of the Laicha mountain range.

Prompt 25

Prompt 26

Prompt 27

Elemental Battle
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 29, 2019

A card game made in Edrea

Prompt 28

Prompt 29

Prompt 30

Mailessian Recipes
Document | Jul 29, 2019

Recipes for dishes often found in Mailessi.


✧ Cool people and stuff ✧

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