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Euvurcrest (way-vore-crest)

Euvurcrest is the shining jewel of Eldurgrund, built directly into the region's eastern mountain range. The city sits in the palm of a statue representing Muren, god of the mountains. Within the city, onlookers can see Muren's face as they go about their daily duties, and at a certain time, the sun even sits atop his head, flaring the beauty of his crown.   This city is considered one of the wonders of Laminarum and it's easy to see why. With its lower, middle, and upper class all spanning the mountains but with modernized housing, it feels like a world of its own. The main layer of the city (sitting upon the plate in Muren's hand) is roughly 3000 feet above the ground and the plate sports no guard rails in some places. Roads connect to the plate and span down the mountain at a slight decline, making for a large journey, but easier for mounts (small towns and inns can be found along the way, but the northern road down is known to be shady). Alternatively, if you travel on short business (and have the money), you can take a series of man-powered elevators or gondolas to make it down quickly.   The governor, his family, and his servants all live at an elevation of 4200 feet above ground level, built into and around the mountain with several passages for a quick escape.    In order to perform upkeep for this incredible city, dwarves and orcs are often hired for their strength and durability (plus they're known to work for cheap). With the Martro Union in the city, finding work or workers is a cinch.


  • Garden District
  • Opal District
  • Butterfly District
  • Wine District
  • Market District
  • Orc Quarter
  • Vagrant's Lot
  • Great Mine of Muren 


Euvurcrest started as a series of settlements around the eastern Eldurgrund mountains. It wasn't until Ettermiddag that keeps within the mountains would be carved out. In the same age, Epithet, the Fleet would be sent to the people of the mountains on a holy mission, waging war against the enemies of Eldurgrund and erecting the magnificent mountain capital of Eldurgrund as we know it today.   While the plate was finished during the rule of Epithet, it wasn't until his betrayal and eventual defeat that the Icelend Dwarves were allowed within the city and together, the two peoples finished the monument to Muren that watches over the city to this day.   Euvurcrest has been involved in two major conflicts after its creation. First, the war against Shellbay and their dueling imperial interests. Later, the city would be put under siege following a failed attack on Saint's Maar after the Silence. In both scenarios, the city itself could not be taken, but their position served as a weakness when their farms in the west were cut off from the capital.

Points of interest

  • Great Mines of Muren
  • The Opal Mills
  • The Great Keeps of Crest
  • The Cathedral Pools
  • Ice Berry Wineries
  • Muren's Mantle 
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