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Amputated from the universe during The Silence, Laminarum is the cosmically lonesome frontier where the mortal races dwell. After millennia of divine intervention working on its cosmic clock, the denizens of Laminarum secluded themselves away when a cataclysmic invasion left them no choice; today, the world works to undo the rash decisions of their ancestors. While research into interplanar travel was set back centuries, mortals find themselves on the cusp of revelation. Approaches are being made with caution as
we step once more into the gaze of the greater universe and discover its greater machinations.


The world map of Laminarum, including layers of parchment, geographical, and political maps. Upon completion, the map will contain markers which link to maps of all nations, and the long list within the atlas will be removed.  
Each square equals 100 miles

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