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Runaia In'tharon

Scion Runaia Anóriel In'tharon

Do not trust a single word she says. Even if she speaks the truth, she wraps it in lies and misdirection.
  Runaia In'tharon is the Scion of House In'tharon, the former fiancée of Scion Talindë Ae'tharis of House Ae'tharis, and a legendary flame-wielding shaman with significant prowess on the battlefield both with her blade and with her spells. She favours a scimitar, and often conjures one from flame itself over using her own. Like most elven nobility, she lives in Melaeden, capital of Galasthin, most of the time.   Whilst she generally spends her days handling political matters for her House, she is a prolific researcher in both the fields of evocation magics and the field of magical commerce. She is an incredibly powerful diplomat, and as Scion to one of Galasthin's noble houses, she is often called upon by Galasthin's leadership to serve as an ambassador to other states to broker deals.  
Runaia In'tharon, noble portrait by Hanhula (via Midjourney)
One of her more significant deals away from any sort of battlefield was a recent trade pact between Galasthin, Soniuch Zan, Yulan Sheng, Sunadar, Tsukirai, and Vuorenmaa, referred to as the Northern Trade Pact.   Spurred on by the disappearance of her wayward (ex-) fiancée Talindë Ae'tharis and one of her mentors in magic, Lyadrí An'thimael, Runaia reached throughout Xin-Jiyu to open communication lines and hear any word of the return of the Starcrowned or the Lost Ones. Whilst nothing relevant to the lost was found in those initial talks, for their lost allies were trapped in the grasp of a Shard, the gathering of representatives served as an opportunity to reopen formerly-closed doors.   Within months, Runaia was presenting drafts of the trade contract to the heads of Galasthin's noble houses and to Galasthin's royalty themselves. She recieved permission to go ahead with negotiations, and in a groundbreaking moment, finally convinced almost all north-eastern nations to join the pact to allow far easier trade throughout the region.
  Since accomplishing this, Runaia has focused her attentions more on the ancient traditions of Galasthin as a nation, and has been reaching out to other elven settlements to ascertain what ancient traditions they retain from older times - and of course, to suggest that they reignite some of the ancient arts. Her recent visit to Ilendras seems to have been incredibly beneficial in this regard.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

From her first smile, all who saw her fell in love.
  Runaia was born on a beautiful summer's day in Melaeden, in her family's ancestral manor. As the firstborn child of the current head of House In'tharon, there was much rejoicing when her birth came easily and she was pronounced healthy. Indeed, the news was a boon to her father's close friend, the head of House Ae'tharis, whose wife was also expecting a child shortly - though he took somewhat longer, and followed Runaia into the world almost a year later.  
She had a peaceful and happy childhood, spending much of her time with the few other children of her age, and formed a very close bond with Talindë Ae'tharis when the two were finally properly introduced.   The two would be nigh inseparable throughout the years, even as their schooling lead them down different paths and their friend group expanded. They fell in with the other Scions and nobles, and overall, had a pleasant time until their adulthood.   In her late 80s - teenage years, for an elf - Runaia focused more seriously on her shamanic training.   She spent months away from Galasthin's capital and her family's manses, heading instead to the depths of the forests - and across the borders of other planes, even. Her teachers were strict and harsh, and she came back from her lessons changed. Some of her gentle nature had been chipped away by the will of the wilds, and in its place was diamond-sharp ruthlessness.
Runaia and Talindë by Hanhula (via Midjourney)

Entering Adulthood

We were so young, still...
— Talindë
  Despite the changes in her, she was still - for the most part - as kind as ever to her friends, and especially to Talindë. When their parents finally summoned them to formalise arrangements, after years of on-off dating, both Runaia and Talindë were overjoyed to have their relationship formalised and secured. In the world of nobility, the uncertainty had been a lingering worry for them both - for there was every chance that they might need to marry others to secure alliances, or even marry someone outside of their nation altogether if called upon.  
Runaia's Training by Hanhula (via Midjourney)
To have a love and a life that they could rely on provided them stability. They entered adulthood with that stability beneath them, and for years, enjoyed peace.   It was an uneasy peace. As Runaia's skills grew sharper, so too did her attitude. The ruthlessness that had been building in her made for incredibly shrewd business decisions and sharp decisionmaking on the battlefield, and so she found herself joining ever more dangerous expeditions or taking on ever more risky diplomatic challenges.   She would disappear from Talindë's side for months at a time, and when she returned, he would be so pleased to have his fiancée back that he would overlook her more cruel comments. Few others saw the change in her, so when their relationship grew more controlling, Talindë had nobody to point out how unhealthy it was becoming.   And then the Purge swept through Galasthin.

War's Toll

Kesserin... sit with me, would you? I want you to hear this from a friend.
— Runaia to Kesserin after his brother's death
  Every Scion took to the battlefield immediately, in defence of their home. Whilst some, like Talindë, felt mixed on the issue of the drow beneath their home and wished for more effective ways of protecting the innocent, others took a heavier hand. Runaia, unfortunately, fell into the latter class. She was placed in a spellcaster unit, sent to aid the hurt and assist in the evacuation of innocents. At first, things went brilliantly. At first, Runaia's sharp nature made it easier; whilst her fellow clerics were gagging over the horrors they saw, she was able to spot the enemy and call for retreat.  
Everything changed when a mission went horribly wrong. Some of her fellow mages - clerics, even - turned on the rest in the middle of an evacuation mission, revealing themselves to be drow infiltrators. Runaia held her own against the mental control they tried to apply to her, even as her fellows fell under the soothing net of enchantment magic.   Left almost alone, with only a few still maintaining their wills alongside her, she was forced to fight those she had considered friends - and when they kept getting back up, healed by the drow, her hands were forced. Innocent blood stained her mind as easily as it did her armour.   Only three escaped alive from that fray. Three, from a squad of far more. Her control was shattered, and her grief was immeasurable. These had been her friends and allies, and she had saved none of them. Indeed, by her hand, they had fallen.   And from there, it would only get worse.
Ruin of the Purge by Hanhula (via Midjourney)
  Days later, forced back in through necessity and her own denial of how bad the situation was, she witnessed the death of House Tu'rainen's Scion and her friend Kesserin's older brother after he sacrificed himself to collapse a large section of caverns just before her new squad were due to enter it, saving countless lives. Months later, she saw her fiancée collapse on the floor, barely alive after a mad dash from the depths - and having failed in his own mission to save those he could. Only magic even managed to save him.   She never admitted to the toll, but it changed her and Talindë both.  

Peace's Cost

Oh, my sweet one has been under much stress as of late. I miss him dearly, of course, but I have faith that he'll come home to me - that Lady Seren will guide him home.
— Runaia, on Talindë's disappearance
  When peace and victory were finally declared, she seemed unable to turn off the coldness that had become part of her. Talindë bore the brunt of it, again shielding her from reproach or support from any other. Their loving relationship fractured with each passing year as her treatment of him worsened, and finally, he had enough. Disregarding their family's contracts, disregarding anyone else's opinion, and finally making a decision for himself, he broke up with her.  
Runaia In'tharon at war by Hanhula (via Midjourney)
For months, none believed the breakup was real. It seemed delusional that the kind Runaia could have inspired such dramatics - and of course, neither House In'tharon nor House Ae'tharis would allow it.   When Talindë then fled the city with his family's most ancient artifact, many chalked his breakup with Runaia down to the same disturbance that caused this aberrant behaviour, and she received great sympathy. She, and many of their friends, hoped that the Lost Ones would eventually return with their wayward Scion and all would be well.   It would not be so. Talindë disappeared for three years, and when he eventually returned and spoke to his fellow Scions, he proclaimed his engagement to Burdyr Donderiall, a dwarf of traditionalist Gildómar - known for its historical hatred of Galasthin, and indeed, its outlawing of arcane magic.
  In the face of this offence, Runaia kindly wished him the best - and turned to her family. For her cruel streak would not be so easily dulled, and she would not see their contract so easily tossed aside. For this, she vowed, there would be consequence.   More powerful than ever, with her knowledge trusted in trade, commerce, and diplomacy throughout Galasthin even at her relatively young age, Runaia has not wasted time. It is rare to find her at rest, for she is always doing something. She attends every social event, knows every citizen by name, and all across Galasthin know her beautiful smile - but none know the plans running through her mind, nor how long ahead they stretch.


Runaia In'tharon

Ex-Fiancée (Vital)

Towards Talindë Ae'tharis



Talindë Ae'tharis

Ex-Fiancé (Important)

Towards Runaia In'tharon



True Neutral?
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Date of Birth
29th of Sarenith
Year of Birth
5476 EA 150 Years old
Burning orange with flecks of gold
Long wavy auburn hair oft pinned partially up.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Bronze-tanned skin
Aligned Organization
Runaia In'tharon in dress by Hanhula (via Heroforge)

General Physical Condition

  Runaia is largely a mental combatant rather than a physical warrior, and it shows through in her physique. She is tall but slight, much of her physical presence instead being aided by her voluminous hair, flowing robes, and ever-present gilded pauldrons that glow with flame.   She does possess some amount of physical strength, however, unlike many of her kin. Whilst her dexterity is what aids her with her blade, she has never been the type to call over stronger warriors to lift heavy things for her, and has indeed never had to.   She pays for it in a more fragile constitution that has seen her forced to her sickbed many a time, both through her training and through general illness.
Talindë Ae'tharis by Hanhula (circa 2020)
Ever the fiery one, that one. Well - I suppose it's to be inspected, given her House is that of the flame!
— observer


  Once, it was kindness and love that motivated Runaia, spurring her on in the darkest of days. Then came witches and fey, and what was moral became confused. She had never been very open, and so locked away the confusion deep within.   Few saw the change in her. None offered her support. Even Talindë could not know to reassure her, so deeply hidden were these worries.   When the Purge happened, and the value of life became readily apparent, power and control became of far more import. Kindness seemed a tool, then, for her enemies had certainly used it as one. Cruelty, too, just another side of the coin.   Though her motivations are overall still beneficial to the realm, it is not with kindness and love that she now approaches them. She seeks to empower Galasthin to grant herself more control, so that she might prevent anything from interrupting her peace again. So that she can live and find what happiness still exists. So that none can hurt her, nor anyone she cares about, ever again.
I hear she's befriending She of Sky with all these trade contracts and strange studies and missions out into the world... I wonder what it's all for?
— observer

Cover image: Runaia cover by Hanhula (via Midjourney)
Character Portrait image: Runaia In'tharon by Hanhula (via Heroforge)


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