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Scion of Galasthin

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  A scion of one of Galasthin's noble houses is the formal heir to said noble house. They are the individual expected to represent their House in lesser affairs as an ambassador, and may be called on at any time by their Head of House, by any other Noble Head, or by the royalty of Galasthin to perform official duties on behalf of their country.   The role is incredibly demanding when in full swing, but is paired with periods of relaxation typical to noble duties. The Scions, in their off-duty time, are usually assigned tasks of great importance to keep them busy - organising military training schedules, managing Galasthin's arcane research, and travelling overseas to keep up-to-date on overseas affairs all fall within the usual purview of an elven Scion.   Though Galasthin has changed much over the years, something remains true of its nobility: those who rule or rank in noble houses must be elven. Half-elves are not permitted for the role. Additionally, most Houses require a blood link between the prospective Scion and the Head of House, proven before She of Sky herself.
Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
Source of Authority
She of Sky and He of Forest
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