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WorldEmber 2023 Pledge


Welcome intrepid reader to the slowly expanding world of Gokrenxia. I'm Koragath, and I'll be your guide on this roller-coaster of a ride through my first ever WorldEmber! It's hard to believe Gokrenxia is coming up on seven months old. Seven months, and almost 67,000 words. I couldn't be more amazed at how the WorldAnvil platform, team, and community have inspired and encouraged me to bring to life the dream I've always had - to create my own world , to write stories, to breath life through words on the page. Combine these desires with my love of role-playing, my discovery of the Ironsworn solo RPG, and offset my lack of artistic skills with generative AI, and suddenly the things I've only ever imagined come to life before my very eyes. All of this to say THANK YOU to you for being here, for your contributions to the community, and your encouragement. I am admittedly nervous about committing to write 10,000 words in a single month, but I'm going to try and see how it goes.   From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything!

we pledge by Koragath

Homework: Week 1

For this, my first ever WorldEmber, I intend to focus on the plethora of stubs and open threads from Tales of the Inner Council. Ideally, I'll also put out one or two Episodes during the month. As for stubs, there are so many unwritten threads: from the most critical of topics like defining world species of Shar'elum, Ja'nakh, and Rundabah, to some of the twelve Dwarven Houses, only 4 of which presently even have a name! I've put together a list of all the different threads and stubs I could potentially target:  


  • The Battle of Ravensgate
  • The conflict resulting in the The Drowned Fleet
  • Creatures

  • Courier Bears
  • Dwellers
  • War Bears (weapons, vehicles, military unit?)
  • Species

  • Shar’elum
  • Rundaba
  • Ja'nakh
  • People

    Top Tier

  • Mirza (Elf Lord)
  • Dez (Arjeev thief)
  • Lady Miahn (Arjeev Noble)
  • Saklay'n (Vyrian Historian)
  • Second Tier

  • Johari Gannmyer
  • Captain Haruchi (Ja'nakh Guardsman)
  • Raya Dyber (Dwarven Deepwatch)
  • Rostov Dyber (Dwarven Deepwatch)
  • Uk'maad (Historian)
  • Yilana (Mahnkii warrior)
  • The Enebish Family (Mahnkii nobles)
  • Katrina (Human saved by Davu)
  • Leonid Dyber (House Elder)
  • Leaders of all Kingdoms
  • Third Tier

  • Suulyah (Arjeev Bandit - Deceased)
  • Canary Historian
  • Ealamunn Kapsrik (Elven inventor)
  • Elven Spymaster S
  • Lord Glom
  • The Mahnkii Musician
  • Orel Dyber
  • Gav 'Brokenknuckle' (Tash's Father)
  • Askana 'Deshylmende' (Tash's Mother)
  • Master Saldre (Tash's Mentor)
  • Orgs

  • The Historians of Stoverj
  • Followers of Tembryan
  • Hadymaar
  • House Zunoch Newly added!
  • House Vogrem
  • House Dyber
  • House Nazarov - Newly added!
  • House Pervak - Newly added!
  • House Orborin - Newly added!
  • House Rykov - Newly added!
  • House Gaaren
  • House Weymont
  • House Fidyev - Newly added!
  • House Trost - Newly added!
  • House Zulzny - Newly added!
  • Istoyaver
  • Satrekke
  • Shaf Yadursmaj
  • Kungaroun - The Dwarven "Kingdom"
  • Places

  • Arcanum
  • Arden's Rest
  • Falcon's Folly
  • Stoverj*
  • The Stacks
  • Library
  • Hajbruug District
  • Broken Barrel
  • Ealybai District
  • East Gate Disctrict
  • Musalyhaad/Spice Docks District
  • Karnwood Forest
  • Upanje Sea
  • Lestreppe (House Dyber Great Hall)
  • Kurzniert
  • Grosst (Fallen Dwarven city)
  • Nishram gate
  • Danyatuer (House Dyber Westernmost Gate)
  • The Drowned Fleet
  • Falcon's Folly
  • Objects

  • Shaf Blades (history?)
  • Vehicles

  • Grewinruul (Dwarven Ship)
  • Jobs & Titles

  • Dwarven Saltcutters
  • Mistress of Whispers
  • Chief Arbiter & Diplomat
  • Grand Marshall
  • Master of Commerce
  • Fe'lomn
  • Rolighavian Reeve
  • Kingdoms

  • Lysandre (Elf)
  • Rolighav (Human) - Already done!
  • Sanysgal (Vyr) - Already done!
  • Dwarven resource zone (where Tash was born) - Should be covered under Kungaroun
  • Conditions

  • Arcane sickness
  • Documents

  • Thee'nor Accord
  • Consumables

  • Dwarven roast pheasant
  • Ja'nakh Whiskey
  • Black and gold wolf-label bottle (from Lestreppe)
  • Other topics

  • The Stone Song (celestial?)
  • Drugs
  • Architecture
  • All about magic
  • All about Celestials

  • Homework: Week 2 - The Mini-Meta


    This... Is... DwarfEmber!



    Drawing from my comments in week 1, I would dial in my scope for this year's WorldEmber some. I jokingly thought of my WE cover image as "DwarfEmber," but writing about the Dwarves of Gokrenxia really feels like the most significant swath of things about which I'd like to write. Looking over the category list, over half of the orgs (6/11) are focused on the Dwarves, as well as one of the two Kingdoms, three of the "Other Topics," both of the "Creatures," four of the "Places," and one (maybe two?) of the "Consumables".   After the Dwarves, my secondary scope are those items having a prominent focus in Tales of the Inner Council. That is, the major races such as the Avian Shar'elum (from which one of the main characters hails), and the Equine Ja'nakh (who have had several prominent secondary characters thus far). Other items such as the specific functions expected to be carried out by the Titled positions of the Inner/Ruling Council would be great to help build additional depth and richness to the world.  


    My meta goals for the world were to have fun, to have a creative outlet, and to "build an interesting world in which I want to explore and tell dramatic stories." Even in just writing this homework, I'm getting more excited about fleshing out the Dwarves of Gokrenxia.


    Pulling Gokrenxia's recurring world themes down to a Dwarven scope:

    1. A war weary world filled with distrust, skepticism, and political intrigue: The Dwarven "Kingdom" is comprised of 12 Houses, each crashing into one another with their own agendas, motives, schemes, allies, and enemies.
    2. The sins of the fathers: The Dwarves of the Second Age (2A) suffer from the strong devotion their forefathers had to the Elves. Many Dwarven lives were lost in the Great War to protect that which was not theirs. In doing so, they paid a price in defending their own lands against the Dwellers, on top of the terrible loss of their preeminent mountainhold of Kurzniert.
    3. The hope to do more, to be more, to grow beyond that which we are born into: The Dwarves of the Second Age are born into a House ranking system with roots dating back generations. Many of the youth have lost touch with why things are organized the way they are and question the wisdom of the current societal hierarchy.


    To date, my inspirations for the Dwarves of Gokrenxia have been a cross of the ideas of organized crime - mafia families (both organizationally and functionally), Al Capone's organization and cooperation of various families with a ruthless rule, and sons of anarchy biker gang flare. I expect these will continue to be the core drivers for defining Dwarven society in Gokrenxia.

    Homework: Week 3 - Homepage Review

    It's difficult to put oneself into the eyes of one's readers, when one has no expectation of having readers. Hah! That said, if I put aside my own inadequacies and look at the homepage as someone new to Gokrenxia, in the context of the recommended article there are definitely some things I like, and others I don't.

    The Pitch

    I really like the opening slogan, though I recognize it's nowhere near as all-encompassing as the examples provided. The idea of a fantasy realm living in the shadow of a great war was probably the first "truth" I established that began the foundational aspect around which all else would ultimately be built. Expanding upon the slogan, the three summary paragraphs feel approachable and the right balance of just enough information without being overbearing.

    Post-Pitch Problems

    Below the pitch though, the viewer is immediately presented a deluge of disjointed links, recent articles, maps, and timelines. These are probably fine for people who already have an idea of what Gokrenxia is all about, but as a new reader I'm left with a feeling of "where do I go next." It seems like I really do need to go back and spend some time putting together a world introduction. I've started this several times over the past few months, but have rapidly found myself overwhelmed at the concept. I don't intend to tackle that as part of this November prep, or WorldEmber itself, but it is a good reminder of something needing to be addressed.

    Colors & Theme

    I still like the current dark color scheme and theme of the world - The bright dawn of a new age juxtaposed against the crumbling ruins of the past. I would love to condense the left-hand navigation block, as well as the "World Codex" sections of the homepage. Both feel very "blocky" and as though they're taking up far too much screen real estate. Honestly though, I've had little desire to put in the effort on the coding side, instead favoring the creation of new content. Perhaps this is something I might tackle after Gokrenixa's one-year birthday, in May 2024. That's still a ways off though, so only time will tell!

    Homework: Week 4 -Last Minute Prep

    BWAAAAAAAA! Can you believe December and WorldEmber are almost here? I certainly can't. The final homework for November is Last Minute Prep. In these final moments leading up to WorldEmber, I've been taking a number of different approaches to prepare. First and foremost, I took a pause on writing and put my mind into some alternate creative endeavors. I've had a lot of fun building some maps for the #UnofficialMapVember Challenge. I cleaned up, reorganized, and expanded upon the list of resource websites I often turn to for support in my worldbuilding/writing and added a tag list section to the bottom of this page, along with my standard CSS, so I can tag all of my WE23 entries and have them appear here. In the physical world, taking cues from the WE challenge page, I went ahead and cleared a bunch of stuff off my desk, picked up some clutter around my office, and dispatched the perpetual pile of paperwork living on my shredder.   And I've been doing some reading! I've been reading articles about character development, different types of photography, and really studying different styles of of generative AI art prompts, to improve the images I'm creating for Gokrenxia. For example, I don't just want a picture of a fantasy village, I want an ultra-detailed, wide-angle drone shot of an ancient village in the grasslands, ruined by war.  
    Unnamed Ruins by dream by WOMBO
      Separately, but related, there was this video Janet did at one point about mistakes people make in WorldBuilding and, using Elves as an example, said something along the lines of: We're all Elves. We live in Elf Land, wear Elf clothes, speak Elf, eat Elf food, and do Elf things. That really stuck with me. Combining that with the reading I mentioned, I've been thinking about how to describe the people groups in my world to bring about more richness and fullness; that they might feel alive. This is one of the reasons I'm probably most excited to put some focus into the Dwarves of Gokrenxia. Of all my races they probably have the most nuance thus far.   I've been trying to think about a writing schedule. Typically there's an hour or so in the mornings where I should be able to knock out some writing. However, we've decided to travel for the holidays this year. I'm nervous that will put a serious cramp in my ability to sit alone in peace and quiet and write. I'm less optimistic that I'll be able to knock out the 350+ words per day for which I was hoping, but I'm not going to let that stop me from trying.   At the end of the day, this is a hobby for me and I commit to doing my best to enjoy the journey without stressing too much about whether or not I hit the goal. Every word we write is one more word we didn't have beforehand, right?   Good luck to everyone and enjoy your WorldEmber!   2023-11-27 update: I wasn't really planning on this, but after a ridiculously productive WorldEmber-prep-inspired holiday break (thanks to all the amazing people in the WA community) I managed to:
    1. Decide the names of the Twelve Dwarven Houses.
    2. Assign them to their geographical regions in the Stormbreak mountains.
    3. Add them to the (#UnofficialMapVember-inspired) Stormbreak Mountains Map.
    4. Make some quick geographical notes that might influence each region.
    5. Generate over 30 different interesting Dwarven images.
    6. Select 12 of those to be the leaders of the Great Houses.
    7. Roll some random traits to reflect the "identities" of each House (which will serve as the basis for the article).
    8. Create generic articles for all of the Houses
    9. ...and more!

    WorldEmber 2023 Articles

    Cover image: by dream by WOMBO


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