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UnofficialMapVember 2023 Hub

  Welcome, Intrepid Reader! When I first read about Wordigirl's #UnofficialMapVember challenge, I was both excited and inspired. Taking a brain break from writing Tales of the Inner Council, while thinking about WorldEmber Prep I could easily imagine a number of areas where Gokrenxia could stand to benefit from some maps. Little did I know how much more than I expected would I enjoy this creative endeavor.   Initially I assumed I would submit a single entry to the challenge, pursuing the beautiful Cartographer badge. This manifested in my Ardens Rest concept art article. While working on that article, I decided to try my hand at Dungeondraft (sorry it's not DungeonFog Wordigirl...). I had some limited success but enjoyed the experience all the same.  

Ardens Dungeondraft by Koragath via DungeonDraft

  Then, quite unexpectedly while writing The Arrangement at Arden's Rest (included as my submission for the Prosateur Badge) I pivoted back to DungeonDraft during a moment of writer's block, and created a simple tavern map for Falcon's Folly.  
Falcon's Folly
Tavern in Arden's Rest
  I had no delusions of grandeur that it was by any means an "award-winning" map, but it helped me stay connected to my story and ultimately visualize the scenes just that much better, which helped me get to the next scene.   In continued preparation for what is quickly for me becoming "DwarfEmber" 2023 I was further inspired to create this map of Dwarven land divisions in the Stormbreak Mountains and the Eastern Resource Zone:
The Stormbreak Mountains
  It further illustrates how the Twelve Houses, only half of which are named at the time of this writing, desperately need to be defined. Of those six named, only three have their place defined in the heirarchy of the Dwarven Empire. This is the heart of my focus for WorldEmber. Further, the geographical location of any given House is SO CRITICAL to its identity, and I would not have had this additional focus and context without Wordigirl and her willingness to sponsor this amazing community challenge.   Thank you, WordiGirl, and thank YOU WA community, for your amazing passion, creativity, and support.   2023-11-22 update: I realized this morning I never uploaded the map I'd begun working on some time ago of the Kynekin capital city of Stoverj! So let's add this to our #UnofficialMapVember entry!  
The capital city of Vath'azen.

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