Kona Helmshigh

We get into some serious situations running security on the Jupiter Message. Waysairs in space, monsters on the ground.   Yet with Kona at my back, I know that not even the Wheel itself could overwhelm us.


Character Goals

Player Goals

  • Replace Kona's Bionic Leg with an organic one
  • Get Kona married to Niko as a Helmshigh

Physical Apperance

Kona's appearance is the shining example of Parisan's engineered strength and vitality. Barrel-chested and muscle-strapped, Kona stands well over seven feet tall. His golden fur is meticulously kept, and natural fractal patterns adorn his coat.   In childhood, Kona decided to have his fractal pattern dyed a glowing red as a symbol of his genetic pride.

Notable Features

Kona sports a bionic left leg, having lost his leg in combat. The leg consists of a dark metal material and operates at a level that does not hinder his movement.


Kona is able to play a traditional Valdutani stringed instrument most comparable to an acoustic guitar. He often plays this to relax himself and worship Anthem.   Kona is a masterful sword and shield fighter, having been trained in the ways of Shield Dancing and sword fighting since his childhood.  


A Life Given

Kona was born into the Helmshigh Family, son to the current ruling marriage. His family decided his fate the moment he was born. He was to be an Honor Guard and a Brewmaster, as his forefathers have.   His family was everything he knew; he was loved, he was taken under the wing of the current Brewmasters and he was trained in the ways of combat by his own Father.   The young Kona grew enamored with the stories his father told. The Parisan began to yearn for his own stories. When Kona came of age, he left the Estate to take on his first Pilgrimage. He departed from the Helmshigh Estate with nothing but his heirloom shield and sword and a single bottle of Helmshigh Brew.  

A Life Intertwined

While he could have been sent anywhere on his pilgrimage, Kona decided the best stories would be found without his families affluence guiding him. He got off planet by lending his service as a Janitor on board a mining vessel called the Mole. It was on this vessel that his life would be changed forever.   On the Mole, he met a FirstHeart named Niko. This human was entranced with the stories of his home, and Kona being the Parisan he was, satisfied his Akjhe by sharing his stories.   Kona found himself fond of Niko, and they quickly became inseparable friends. The horrors that followed their friendship would forge their bond into something far deeper.

The Mole Incident

Near the end of their employment on the Mole, the ship was besieged by The House of Sorrows and infected by Selschaeus (Dark Unity). The Dark Unity infected the crew one by one, mutating them into horrible monsters. Kona and Niko fought with every ounce of their being to survive and escape.   It was during their final struggle for safety that Kona attempted to sacrifice himself to let Niko escape. He defended an airlock with shield and sword, until he was overrun and his leg infected by the Selschaeus.   Niko unable to bear letting Kona perish, returned to the incapacitated Parisan and severed his leg with an airlock. Kona was pulled to safety, and both escaped.

The Mole was both the best and the worst thing to happen to me. It is where I saw the worst that Sophont can offer. I saw savagery, gore, betrayal, and desperation.   Yet when we escaped, I found new purpose. I found love. When Niko reciprocated, the feeling of joy was so great that not even the pain of my missing leg could dull the joy.   There was no better time to open my bottle of Brew.
— Kona Helmshigh


Kona Helmshigh


Towards Niko Maxim



Niko Maxim


Towards Kona Helmshigh



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Lawful Good
Biological Sex
Bio Male
Gender Identity
Cis Male
Bright Blue
A flowing golden mane, well conditioned
Skin Tone
Golden fur with red Lume Tattoos
7' 4"
Aligned Organization
The Jupiter Syndicate
Character Prototype
Chris Hemsworth
Kona is a devout follower of Anthem, believing that she is always listening and responding in kind with music.

Ethnis Light Info

Kona Helmshigh

A Parisan hailing from a Hubworld (Jhoutai) and allegiant to The Jupiter Syndicate.

Attribute Mod
Skill Mod
Shieldbearing ++
Weaponry +++
Running +
Skill Mod

Ability Source Ranks

Kona Helmshigh is a son of the Helmshigh Family of Parisan. Hailing from Valdutan, Kona left home for his pilgrimage where he met his partner Niko. Kona now serves on the Jupiter Message as security.  
Mantra Source
I must defend all which I value. Parisan Akjhe
Letting a friend suffer is akin to making them suffer. The Mole
Swing your sword only when there is noble purpose behind it. Family
A sword swung with reason pierces far harder. Training

DR Stamina Sanity
8 /17 /16


Status Effects


Backstory Summary






The Jupiter Syndicate


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Character Portrait image: Sazashi Parisan Kona Helmshigh by Antti Hakosaari


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