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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly part 3

General Summary

Grolm 13, 578
pitch-dark noon!

When last we saw the SNAFU Posse:

They stood scattered across the blackened grass of what was once Sarsparilla Ranch.

Near the northeast door to
Sarsparilla Barn:

Methurgh is unconscious but not yet dead. His Ominous Undead Hammer continues to be creepy even while stationary.
A Flamenco Hell Woolly is facing Jesse Devonshire, Lee Chung, and possibly Miro Teague.
Master Kerner is traipsing around as if he owns the place.
Topiary Rex has picked up the Ominous Undead Battleaxe+2 in his mouth. EvilSeed has instructed him to carry it over to the colored circle on the ground partially surrounded by glowing haystacks.
Jesse Devonshire's Fog Cloud is spreading about six times faster than it's designed to do.
Bruthazmus went into a barn.
Zhang Sephia has rescued a teenager and sent him on his way. Now she's rescuing Faylene Tarntaise from Baa Fourteen.
The Banshee remnant of the Storm Shepherd is chasing a Hell Hand westward across the Longgrass Plains.
Bright light continues to pour out of windows and chimneys from the Bunkhouse.
The Hesters fight Moo Nine, who broke legs on both their horses. Moo Nine remembers that the Hesters were Hell Hands, and before that were among the people who used to poke her and herd her and in general provided every source of discomfort she can remember before she was possessed.
Four Hell Bovines recapture Princess and Chica who had tried to escape.



Sarsparilla Barn, the attached Bunkhouse, the ruins of the former ranch house, and immediately surrounding environs.


The spot near the northeastern barn door where the physical form of the Cloven Prince melted, that is a spot where nothing will ever grow -- not even worms, not even flies. The dirt from that spot will never be good for any life, neither!


Some other areas continue to show signs of fast plant decay. It will take many years for the residue of a druidic plant growth region followed by an infernal Greater Curse will work out of the soil. It will take almost as long for that persistent slime on the northwest face of the Bunkhouse roof to completely dry up and vanish, too!

The Bows of Purgatory Gulch
Lee Chung
-Level Monk 6
Jesse Devonshire
6-Level Druid
Zhang Sephia
6-Level Ranger
Bruthazmus Kele
Nodin Bugbear
6-Level Ranger
Miro Teague
7-Level Sorcerer
Player Journals
Flying in a fog by Zhang Sephia
Barn Storming by Bruthazmus Kele
20210410 Udder Meyhem by Jesse Devonshire
Report Date
10 Apr 2021
Primary Location

Cover image: by CB Ash


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