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Ayrshire Farm

This farm, located within the rockier area of Oatman Canyon on the edge of Purgatory Gulch, is full of steep hills and stark rock spurs. The homes are built on old carts wedged into place between two boulders or in a former gully. It is an unfriendly, unwelcoming place with little shade or comfort to offer its rare visitor.
Rumor persists that somewhere in the nooks and crannies of Ayrshire Farm is a cool spring unconnected to Arjory Pond. The farmhands are always respectably clean when they come into town. Some fool once baldly asked Miss Jazlean about it -- she sent them scooting as if their britches were afire, but the alternative theory is that these folks run around in their birthday suits when no one is looking. That just isn't safe!

Purpose / Function

Ayrshire Farms grows peas, tomatoes, herbs, cacti, dwarf cabbages, artichokes, and beans, mostly. Anything that does well with relatively shallow roots in a finite container, trickle down watering systems in the dry period, or pouring rain in the wet season.


This farm's crop is a perpetual mix of supplies, being grown in the least desirable plot of land where even the sheep go "wow that's steep", and obviously designed on a paranoid basis of "someday we might have to pack up and vanish". Everything is grown from container pots nailed or tied to poles, racks, trellises, even collapsible clothesline racks. These people are On The Run from something.


  • Dale
  • Hoyt
  • Lilah
  • Jazlean
  • Vinton
  • Tommy Lee

Alternative Names
Trouble Gardens
Parent Location

Farm Animals:

The truth here is that these folks are trying to settle down to obscurity.
They used to be guards for a merchant caravan.
A monster encounter went rough for them.
The survivors of the event decided they should take the hint from the Fates, retire now.
None of 'em are using their prior names.
Jazlean and Hoyt can cast Create Water some days, not that they will discuss it with anyone off the farm.

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