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Purgatory Saloon

The Saloon exterior as the sun droops just past Oatman Canyon on a late summer afternoon:

Purgatory Saloon at Opening Time by Jarissa Venters

  Pretty drab-lookin'. I'll say so first. Gray rock. Clay-stained wood trim. A couple of horse hitches, probably the only ones in town. No waterin' trough for your animals, though, bit of a mixed message there.   And you notice, some fool of a builder made sure to lay the stones together to make circles around them rectangular windows?   I reckon ain't no art project so odd that some fool won't spend time on it!   But, looky here: when it comes to artistic effort, the outside ain't half what's goin' on here.  

Purgatory Saloon Interior at night by Jarissa Venters

  Tells you something about the mind of the person who put 'em all together like that, don't it?  




2 cp...1st breakage

+4 cp...next breakage


(by the Mug)

2 cp
Canyon Coffee...black
8 cp
Purgatoryx Coffee...pace yourself
6 cp
Expressed rage...Coffee infused ale
7 cp
Forest Bliss...pale ale served cold
4 cp
Black Dog....Brown ale
4 cp
Bulls Blood ... Stout Ale
3 cp
Ginger Burst.....Sarsaparilla

(by the Shot)

1 sp
Pulquexx...from the icebox
1 sp
Hatslapper...Apricotjackxxx in season
3 cp
Rhea Drop... Mead
9 cp
Tonic Flash….Nearly Gin
5 cp
4 cp
Tigua Tempest...Aged Vodka
7 cp
Courge Azola...Vodka with a Pickled Azola Spear
1 sp 3 cp
Chill Shot...Whiskey
1 sp
Coriander Minor...Whiskey
1 sp
Crimson Tornado….Whiskey
4 cp

x being Canyon Coffee + a shot of Pulque

xx Pulque is white and sort of milk-like but very sour

xxx Apricotjack is a local creation!

Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location


Opens 4 hours after midday meal
Closes When I Say
unless I got to Have A Word

Cover image: by CB Ash


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