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Oat Livery


The three stables are constantly under repair or maintenance of some sort, thatched with dried-out tumbleweeds, the walls mostly built of adobe but holding several arrowslit-like windows for good air flow in the summer. Inside, the place smells of animals and sweet, freshly raked hay or oats. Additional bedding and food are stored at one end of each stable, with the wheelbarrows at the other end. Using the wheelbarrows, all waste is dumped into compost bins at the far end of the property.
The two corrals -- one of which is a long, thin loop for critters that like to stretch their legs -- are fenced with whatever scrap materials Mr. Bianchi could acquire. Some folks have paid for a rental by doing some of his building maintenance, bringing along whatever supplies they had from their ranch or farm.
Mr. Bianchi is brilliant at "making do" with what the land and the town provide.
The only truly impressive building is the infirmary, where Mr. Bianchi keeps any sick, injured, or poisoned animals he is trying to save. He lives in the rafters of the infirmary, which is also where he keeps all of his medical supplies. To rob him, someone would have to get past all the other stabled critters, past the sturdy infirmary door, and into the loft.

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