Legends of Elohey

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Once upon a time ...
It began with a simple band of heroes, who chose to side with an orcish warlord, instead of a thief who called himself a king.
In 567 by the Iron Librarian Calendar, the orcish warlord Arslan removed the human king, Jerun De Caprio, from the Black Throne by force. From there, he declared the first Orcish empire known as KaraKorum, with him as Khan, or "First Among Equals".
This shattered the ancient kingdom of Angesh and disrupted the old way of life on Elohey.
Now, eleven years later its the year 578. Old nations move forward and new kingdoms rise from the old. The free peoples across the western Elohey land of Brinin are still recovering from war and empire. But trouble stirs along the Warden Road, near the Mosswood forest, and deep in the haunted Black Mire.