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Tarntaise Farm

Passing field after field ran an overgrown, dusty old road.
The road led to a scenic farmhouse guarded by several excited dogs. The farmhouse was old and worn, but in a charming way. The barn in back was a long, somehow flattened-looking thing, designed to keep its farmhands from having to climb a lot of stairs or ladders in their daily work. The chicken coop ran under one half of the barn, the bunny hutch under the other half.
More sun-faded than the farmhouse or the barn was the off-kilter "roadside stand" built of mismatched bricks near the farm entrance. A sign listed available products, all on a common theme:

Rutabaga Ale ... 12cp
Rutabaga Refill ... 9cp
Rutabaga Beer Cheese Soup (mug) ... 5sp 4sp
Rutabaga Beer Cheese Soup (jug) ... 1gp 11sp
Rutabaga Beer Cheese Soup (refill) ... 12sp
Rutabaga Apple Gratin (bowl) ... 9cp
Roasted Brussa Sprout and Rutabaga ... 2sp
Roasted Brussa Sprout and Rutabaga
and SAUSAGE ... 5sp
Lamb Stew with Rutabaga ... in season only

"Sack o' Rutabagas" ... Clem be right out
to whup yer tailfeathers

Purpose / Function

Git yoah rutabagas heah....


  • Quentin
  • Baylee
  • Clem
  • Faylene
  • Silas
  • Jackson

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