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Purgatory Gulch

The view of Purgatory Gulch from a window of Jasper Chapel:

Welcome to Purgatory Gulch by Jarissa Venters

Never you mind the boulder on the left. We have some of those lyin' around.  

Absolutely visible:


Also visible:


Not at all visible:

  • Oat Livery -- turn right past Purgatory Saloon and walk down a hill
  • Jasper Chapel (the viewer looks out from an open window of the chapel)
  • a blacksmithy
  • a private workshop (it is not near the town proper in case of Little Mishaps)
  • anything that might be an inn or food-type tavern
  • the Farms of the surrounding area


  • Purgatory Gulch Region
    Region in and around Purgatory Gulch

Articles under Purgatory Gulch

Cover image: by CB Ash


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