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Whippetal Ranch

Whippetal Ranch is the largest, most profitable ranch in the Oatman Canyon area. It was not the first, but it survived in part by absorbing two failing ranches. Their brands were easy enough to cover up with the petal of a whipweed.
Whippetal has five large stone barns set up at different areas around the southern perimeter of Oatman Canyon. Each barn has one utilitarian bunkhouse built into its northern side, between the barn and the slope of the hill.
The primary "official location" of Whippetal Ranch is west by southwest of Purgatory Gulch. On the down side, they get hit by the full brunt of weather coming off the Longgrass Plains before anyone else; on the up side, they get out of the same weather before anyone else.
Which means that they get their 3 herds of 25 cattle each and 4 herds of around 30 sheep each back to grazing -- often on the open grass of the plains rather than the sparser area near the hills -- sooner than anyone else can move.


  • Whippetal Ranch at Night
    Jesse Devonshire in tawny owl form did a fly-over at night of Whippetal Ranch, the ranch south of Oatman Canyon. The SNAFU Posse makes their plans based on what Jesse reports back:  
    Jesse Devonshire:
    • By default, no Layers are visible when the map first loads. You can turn on and off some or all Layers of symbols via the hamburger icon in the upper right corner.
    • You did a flyover of the big ranch south of the Oatman Canyon perimeter. It was about an hour after midnight on Grolm 9th. I have combined information for low-light vision and thermal vision.
    • The "barns and barracks" layer will give you information about the potentially hellbeast-related buildings over which you flew.
    • The "other buildings" layer will give you a small amount of information about buildings too small or too inappropriately shaped for Hell Bovine purposes.
    • The "geographical features" and "water" layers help you orient yourself as you fly around.
    • You spotted some "clues" as well!
The Whippetal Ranch brand
looks like a yellow triangular flower petal
on the flank (for ungulates)
or leg (for fowl).


  • Ludovicus 'Big Lui' and Mauricio 'Big Mauri' de Alfredo inherited from their pa along with sister
  • Piera 'Princess' Alfredo-Alston and Ivančica 'Chica' Alston, Chica's sister Etta 'Lucky' Alston, cousin Hiram 'Bane' Logan and Betty 'Boon' Logan
  • Vic 'Bull' Hester and Gerty 'Gore' Hester, Erin 'Three Jack' Jackwin, Drew 'Bilk' Dray
  • Ira 'Dawn' McLarn, Fred 'Dusk' Lang, Ilros 'Nightshift', Varro 'Nooner' Loder are not in a familial relationship but have been a ranch hand team sharing a bunk for decades
  • Caden 'Claws' Hughes and Skye 'Beaker' Carney, Skye's sibling Harmond 'Harmless' Carney
  • bunking together by default: Bozidar 'Bowser' Kotabe, Bertha 'Birdie' Willis, Rosalina 'Roz' Golden, Kamen 'Leather' Cobb

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