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Arjory Pond


Arjory Pond is a spring-fed deep pond located on the eastern edge of Oatman Canyon.
Its shores are shallow for the first two yards, thick with reeds and lilies that host many frogs and fish year-round. In particularly dry years, the first two feet might gradually be exposed, but no living person can remember ever seeing "dry shores" all the way to the abrupt drop downward.
The gently curving top of the spring can usually be seen near the center of the pond, although a heavy enough rain will disturb the surface enough to blend it out.
The water itself becomes clear as if glacier-fed when one moves away from the shores of the pond. A treasured guest (or a complete fool) on a shallow raft might be able to see objects below the water that look close enough to touch, but will (fatally) prove to be a mile or more below the surface.
Deeper items, including the source of the spring, are too deep to be touched by sunlight. Legend has it that Yiara the Naiad once carried a magical light straight down for more than an hour, so that a charming ranger with a spyglass could see the top of a person-made structure wedged in the rock. Was it a ship? a temple? an enchanted water wheel?

Fauna & Flora

Trees grow well in extremely close proximity to Arjory Pond, as does any other plant life. One can presume the same to be true of any plants growing in the water itself, though of course those would be limited to the places where daylight can reach.
No one has recorded a detailed study as to the fauna of Arjory Pond. Its primary resident seldom invites long visits.

Natural Resources

Creatures that approach the pond to drink will probably be fine. In the "Wet season" of Oatman Canyon, the water near the edge is especially silty, and the shores are a big mud ring. During the dry times, the water tastes sweet and pure unless disturbed by, for example, a half-keg thrown in to collect supplies for a caravan, in which case it becomes brackish.
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