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Hell Town

General Summary

Rewards Granted

  • Stealthy monk Lee Chung receives 3200 XP for his careful, patient rescue of twenty-three captives inside Agoseris Barn while the Posse's distraction drew away most of the hellish hostiles
  • The Distraction: Bruthazmus, Chef, Jesse Devonshire, Miro Teague, and Zhang Sephia each receive 3680 XP for facing down quite a lot over one hundred Hellbeasts. Granted, they only directly faced one Hell Bovine and three Hell Woolies while the rest of The Herd tried to figure out an alternate route to get at them! But still. The look on the faces as they watched so many markers appear on the map of the barn.... yes, that was a delight.
  • Ranger Zhang Sephia accumulated a Personal Heroism bonus of 800 XP for putting herself in the path of significant personal risk as she saved the first fifteen rescued captives from five Hell Woolies pursuing out the barracks door!
  • The Herd is not fully defeated! At least 2400 total XP are hoofin' around, hoping to encounter part or all of the SNAFU Posse during the next session!
General note: Some of you may be within kick-a-rock distance of an experience point accumulation that qualifies you for 7th level. Please remember that you can't Ding! and do the actual leveling up until you have time to train. Right now, it looks like you won't have a chance for that until after the end of this adventure. Record the XP, but don't level yet!

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Rescued all the captives being held at Agoseris Barn on Whippetal Ranch!
  • Discovered that the Hellbeasts of the Herd can Detect Good ... and react with indignation to the presence of same!
  • Zhang Sephia learned through experimentation that Hell Woolies are severely negatively affected by sunlight. Must it be direct light from the sun? Will magically generated light work? Does this apply in any way to a Hell Bovine? Dangerous experiments are the only way to find out!


While one of the captives told her potential rescuer that "the process" is not a GREAT solution but she cannot think up any better way to defeat the enemy, at no point in this encounter did anyone investigate the large rectangular box-things, open to the smoke of the largest two firepits, that hung by multiple chains apiece from the rafters. The missed opportunity will factor into at least one future encounter, as "Hell Hands" join the Hell Woolies and Hell Bovines in opposition to the Dangerous Stranger from SPOILER ALERT.
The Bows of Purgatory Gulch
Lee Chung
-Level Monk 6
Jesse Devonshire
6-Level Druid
Zhang Sephia
6-Level Ranger
Bruthazmus Kele
Nodin Bugbear
6-Level Ranger
Miro Teague
7-Level Sorcerer
Player Journals
Entirely too many cows by Zhang Sephia
20200801 Nightmare at Agoseris Ranch by Jesse Devonshire
Caught between a Hoof and a Hard Place by Bruthazmus Kele
Report Date
01 Aug 2020
Primary Location

Cover image: by CB Ash


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