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Hell Bovine

of Purgatory Gulch

Facts known

(so far)

  • Dacio Bicchieri described his folks getting attacked by something that had "sort of like a knife? or an axe? with a really long handle ... like they started making the handle and just kept going." And also "sometimes they threw one into our camp!"
  • Animal noises that are not quite right ... as if something is pretending to be a farm animal but does not quite get the sound correct
  • Leave heavy hoof print tracks in sun-baked mud, occasionally also in grass
  • Seen
    Encountered at night
  • mroooooOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo
    roll initiative!
  • by Widus
  • Hits very hard
  • Susceptible to poison from a Giant Bee and/or a druidic Rain of Frogs
  • Once tripped, has trouble getting back up, although that may have been influenced by all the poisons.
  • When prone, kicks very hard
  • Susceptible to a Stormborn's lightning
  • Blood-sucking ambulatory cabbages (!!!) are interested in the smoking carcass
  • The next morning, the carcass looked deflated and mummified. The ground below it and for a foot radius around each splayed part was completely lifeless.
  • The vultures which had attempted to tidy up the remains were also dead in the grass nearby.

Basic Information


This is a cow -- or, possibly, a bull or steer, but usually a cow -- standing upright on its hind hooves. In its forehooves its wields an incredibly sharp poleaxe. Often the second warning of Hell Bovines is the glint of a target's lantern light off the poleaxe and the pointy ends of the horns.

The first warning is when, out of the pitch darkness, one hears the angry baritone "Mooooooooo!"

Genetics and Reproduction

  • An adventurer should probably find out!

Additional Information

Social Structure

herds that moo to each other at night across the nighttime hills
Genetic Descendants
Originally the cattle of ranches around Oatman Canyon but now infested with extraplanar power
Conservation Status
Certainly someone is arming these things with magical halberds!
Related Materials

Originally from Diablo II, the Hell Bovine appearance in Elohey has been in the works for a long time. This CR 9 opponent is a birthday gift for one of the players, who has not seen the last of these by any means!

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