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The stormborn have an innate connection to arcane magics that are most often associated with the spirits of storm, sky, and lightning.
Origins of stormborn families are sketchy at best. Most stories and records indicate these families can trace their origins back to a time where they lived near a location where the boundary between Elohey and the elemental planes wore thin. With the planar boundary weakened, djinn passed through and sired children. Those descendants are said to be 'stormborn'.

Bloodline Requirements and Limitations

As per Sorcerer

On Spell Points

A stormborn, like any of their sorcerous Bloodborn brethren, is very similar to a wizard. Both can manipulate magical energy; but the magical energy a stormborn uses comes from within. It's in their blood since they are connected in some way to the elements and spirits of sky, storm, and lightning. Because their magic comes from their blood, they don't need material spell components as would a wizard.
However, this also means a stormborn has a more limited source of magic: themselves. This does mean that they have a limited spell list. But this spell list is theirs alone! Some of the spell here, a wizard can learn after much study. Most, though, a wizard will never be able to cast. They simply lack the natural born connection a stormborn has to the elements. This is also why a stormborn can learn a different number of spells than a wizard. It's only what a stormborn, or any of the bloodborn, can learn through the elemental spirits.
  Scroll of Base Spell Points Per Level for a stormborn

Sorcerer Base Spell Points Per Level

Here would be the base spell points a sorcerer gets per level.

LevelSpell Points

On Learning Spells

As listed under Sorcerer, a stormborn must have a Charisma score greater than or equal to 10 + the spell level of the spell they wish to learn. If the spell falls outside of this, the attempt to learn simply fails.
If a stormborn tries to learn a spell that is not on their list, such as magic missile, the attempt to learn the spell fails.
If a stormborn attempts a spell that is opposed to his elements of storm, sky, and lightning, such as Fireball, the spell will fail and the stormborn must roll a Save vs Fortitude ( DC is 10 + the spell level + the stormborn's Charisma modifier ). If they fail, they suffer damage equal to the spell level + the stormborn's current level!

Class Skills

As per Sorcerer

Bloodline Powers

As a stormborn grows into their innate connection to the elemental planes of storms and wind, they develop natural spell-like powers that do not cost spell points to use. However, these bloodline powers can only be used a certain number of times per day, based on the spell-like power. Also, unlike stormborn spells that are learned, these may never be swapped once gained.
At 1st level, a stormborn can touch a weapon as a standard action, imbuing it with the shock property ( which deals an extra 1d6 points of damage on a successful hit ) for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 their level (minimum of 1). A stormborn can use this power a number of times per day equal to 3 + their Charisma modifier.
At 3rd level, a stormborn gains the ability to resist electricity 5 and resist sonic 5, and also treat wind effects as being one step less severe. At 9th level, the stormborn treats wind effects as being two steps less severe and gains blindsense 60 feet against concealment from natural or magical fog, mist, or weather effects. A stormborn of sufficient level has this power constantly present.
At 9th level, a stormborn can command a stroke of lightning to strike from above in a 5-foot-radius cylinder 60 feet high. The thunderbolt inflicts 1d6 points of damage per stormborn level; half of this damage is electricity and half is sonic. A Reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 the stormborn's level + the stormborn's Charisma modifier) halves this damage. Creatures failing their saves are deafened for 1 round. At 9th level, a stormborn can use this ability once per day, at 17th twice per day, and at 20th three times per day. This power has a range of 120 feet.
Ride the Lightning
At 15th level, as a full-round action a stormborn can become a living lightning bolt and move in a straight line up to 10 times their speed. The stormborn does not provoke attacks of opportunity while moving in this way. Creatures or objects in their path are affected as by their Thunderbolt power. Creatures do not block the stormborn's movement, but non-metallic solid barriers do unless they are reduced to 0 hit points. A metal barrier will stop the stormborn's movement immediately, causing the stormborn to make a Save vs Fortitude ( DC 10 + 1/2 the stormborn's level + their Charisma modifier ). A stormborn of sufficient level can use this power once per day for a number of rounds equal to their sorcerer level.
Storm Lord
At 20th level, the stormborn are one with the storm. They gain immunity to deafness, stunning, and wind effects and gain blindsight 120 feet against concealment from natural or magical fog, mist, or weather. Once per day, when attacked with an electricity or sonic effect, the stormborn may forgo their saving throw and absorb the energies of the attack, healing 1 point of damage for every 3 points of damage the attack would otherwise have dealt.

Bloodline Spells

As a stormborn grows in experience, on top of the spells they study for their spellbook, they gain bonus spells due to the time they spend learning about the connection to the elemental spirits that whisper to them through their blood. Unlike their Bloodline Powers, these do cost spell points for the stormborn to use. Despite that cost, they do not contribute to the pool of spell points.
  • Shocking Grasp (3rd level)
  • Gust of Wind (5th level)
  • Lightning Bolt (7th level)
  • Shout (9th level)
  • Overland Flight (11th level)
  • Chain Lightning (13th level)
  • Control Weather (15th level)
  • Whirlwind (17th level)
  • Storm of Vengeance (19th level)
  • Bloodline Feats

    There are certain bonus feats that a stormborn has available when they are allowed to choose a new feat. These are not required and a stormborn does not get these automatically. They are simply extra feats a stormborn can choose from.
    A stormborn selects from these feats when they start play, then gains another feat at 7th level, then again at 13th level, and 19th level. These feats are:
    Deadly Aim
    Far Shot
    Skill Focus (Fly)
    Great Fortitude
    Wind Stance
    Enlarge Spell
    Point Blank Shot
    Cloud Gazer

    There is one feat that a stormborn does get automatically when they start play! This would be:

      Eschew Materials

    Bloodline Arcana


    Whenever a stormborn casts a spell with the 'electricity', 'water', or 'sonic' descriptor, increase the save DC by 1. Note: Ice does not count as 'water' in this case.


    A stormborn can learn to harness their magical energy to cast spells from the following collections:


    Scroll of 0th-level spells

  • Detect Magic: Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft.
  • Detect Poison: Detects poison in one creature or object.
  • Grasp: Retry a Climb check as an immediate action
  • Read Magic: Read scrolls and spellbooks.
  • Evocation
  • Breeze: Create a light wind.
  • Shiplights: Creates etheric, ghostly floating lights. Similar to Dancing Lights.
  • Flare: Dazzles one creature (–1 on attack rolls).
  • Ray of Frost: Ray deals 1d3 cold damage.
  • Spark: Ignites flammable objects.
  • Illusion ( use of these spells by a Stormborn has a chance to cause a light fog/mist )
  • Ghost Sound: Figment sounds.
  • Haunted Fey Aspect: You surround yourself with disturbing illusions.
  • Gift of Fog: Cloak yourself in an illusion that hides your true identity
  • Vacuous Vessel: Make a single container appear empty.
  • Transmutation
  • Jolt: Deal 1d3 electricity with a ranged touch attack.
  • Mage Hand: 5-pound telekinesis.
  • Sailor's Knot (Mending): Makes minor repairs on an object.
  • Message In a Bottle: Whisper conversation at distance.
  • Sea Legs: Bolster the subject’s CMD vs. trips and Acrobatics checks to remain standing.
  • Scrivener's Chant: Imbue a quill to rapidly transcribe words from one page to another.
  • Universal
  • Stormbringer's Mark ( Arcane Mark for Stormborn) : Inscribes a personal rune on an object or creature (visible or invisible).

    Scroll of 1st-level spells

  • Alarm: Wards an area for 2 hours/level. When the alarm sounds, it rings aloud like a warning bell, heard by any creature within 60 feet.
  • Endure Elements: Exist comfortably in hot or cold regions.
  • Swabbed Deck ( Fastidiousness ) : Keep yourself and your equipment clean and dry
  • Hold Portal: Holds door shut.
  • Line in the Sand: Increase your attacks of opportunity per round.
  • Storm's Armor: Coat yourself with a thin layer of lightning that turns back physical and energy attacks against your attacker.
  • PIrate's Parlay ( Theft Ward ) : Gain a +10 Perception bonus to notice someone trying to take a specific object from you.
  • Waterproof: Target becomes waterproof for the spells duration
  • Wave Shield: Water blunts one incoming attack or fire effect.
  • Conjuration
  • Air Bubble: Creates a small pocket of air around your head or an object.
  • Corrosive Touch: Touch attack deals 1d4 acid/level.
  • Icicle Dagger: Masterwork ice dagger deals +1 cold damage.
  • Obscuring Mist: Fog surrounds you.
  • Divination
  • Starsight: Observe the night sky as if it were a clear and unobstructed night.
  • Evocation
  • Peal of Thunder: Deal sonic damage from a peal of thunder and daze target.
  • Flare Burst: As flare, but affects all creatures in 10 ft.
  • Gentle Breeze: Light wind protects one target from clouds, gases, heat, and vapors.
  • Hydraulic Push: Wave of water bull rushes an enemy.
  • Shocking Grasp: Touch delivers 1d6/level electricity damage (max 5d6).
  • Snowball: Throw a conjured ball of snow at a target
  • Thunderstomp: Trip one creature within range.
  • Illusion ( use of these spells by a Stormborn has a chance to cause a light fog/mist )
  • Clarion Call: Make yourself heard over great distances.
  • Misty Shoreline (Lose the Trail): Obscure a target’s tracks in two inch tall light fog when fleeing from a pursuer.
  • Transmutation
  • Alter Winds: Increase/decrease strength of natural winds.
  • Brightest Night: Grant improved low-light vision to several creatures
  • Storm's Kiss ( as Burning Disarm ) : Make a metal item course with a short burst of lightning, forcing those holding it to drop it or risk searing their hand dealing 1d4 points of electrical damage per caster level (maximum 5d4).
  • Ferment: Affected liquid becomes alcoholic
  • Silent Running ( Forced Quiet ): Target cannot make loud noises.
  • Marid's Mastery: Target gains bonus to attack/damage when combat is in water, penalty if on land.
  • Monkey Fish: Gain a climb speed and a swim speed of 10 ft. for a time.
  • Touch of the Sea: Swim speed becomes 30 ft.
  • Windy Escape: Briefly become insubstantial, allowing an attack to pass harmlessly through you.

    Scroll of 2nd-level spells

  • Endure Elements, Communal: As endure elements, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
  • Sound the Alarm ( Escape Alarm ) : As alarm, but alerts you when a creature leaves the area. Makes the sound of a large bell that is heard by all creatures 60 feet.
  • With the Wind: Protect a target from being blown away by wind of less than windstorm force
  • Conjuration
  • Cloud of Seasickness: Create a sickening cloud that mimics the effects of seasickness.
  • Fog of Twilight ( as Dust of Twilight ): A black fog extinguish light sources within area.
  • Euphoric Cloud: Fog obscures vision and fascinates living creatures.
  • Fog Cloud: Fog obscures vision.
  • River Whip: Create a whip of water that you wield as a weapon.
  • Slipstream: Wave boosts creature's speed.
  • Divination
  • Detect Magic, Greater: As detect magic, but learn more information.
  • Stormborn Elemental Speech: Enables you to speak to water or air elementals. Djinn and related creatures as well.
  • Storm Sight: Spread your senses through a storm, learning about other creatures affected by the weather
  • Enchantment
  • Aggressive Thundercloud: Flying storm cloud deals 3d6 electricity damage.
  • Defensive Shock: Electricity damages your attackers.
  • Flurry of Snowballs: Cone-shaped blast of snowballs deals 4d6 cold damage.
  • Frost Fall: The area is covered in a chilling frost.
  • Gust of Wind: Blows away or knocks down smaller creatures.
  • Gusting Sphere: Release a swirling ball of wind to move around and knock your enemies about.
  • Transmutation
  • Whispering Wind: Sends a short message 1 mile/level.

    Scroll of 3rd-level spells

  • Cloak of Winds: Creates a screen of wind around you.
  • Dispel Magic: Cancels one magical spell or effect.
  • Quell Lightning ( Quell Energy ): Reduce the target’s ability to tap into electricity
  • Resist Lightning ( Resist Energy), Communal: As resist energy, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched and it only works against lightning.
  • Aqueous Orb: Creates rolling sphere of water.
  • Sleet Storm: Hampers vision and movement.
  • Storm Step: Use lightning to quickly travel a short distance, harming all in your path.
  • Wall of Mist: Create a wall of mist that creates concealment
  • Divination
  • Parlain's Water Sight: Look through a bucket of water or smaller container and see out of another bucket or smaller container of water.
  • Reveal Mirage: Discern illusory terrain from range.
  • Evocation
  • Air Geyser: Blast of air deals 2d6 bludgeoning damage and knocks opponent upward.
  • Elemental Aura: Creates an aura of energy around you associated with your bloodline.
  • Hydraulic Torrent: Creates torrent of water that bull rushes any creature in its path.
  • Lightning Bolt: Electricity deals 1d6/level damage.
  • Sheet Lightning: Create an area of electricity that dazes all those within.
  • Thunderstomp, Greater: Trip multiple creatures within range.
  • Wind Wall: Deflects arrows, smaller creatures, and gases.

    Scroll of 4th-level spells

  • Rising Water: Create a pillar of water
  • Solid Fog: Blocks vision and slows movement.
  • Wall of Brine: Conjure a 5-foot-thick wall of seawater with a powerful current.
  • Evocation
  • Aggressive Thundercloud, Greater: Flying storm cloud deals 6d6 electricity damage.
  • Ball Lightning: Flying balls of lightning deal 3d6 electricity damage each.
  • Blast of Wind: As gust of wind, treater creatures in the area as smaller than they are for the effects of the wind
  • Hurricane Blast: Create a severe blast of air bursting out from you.
  • River of Wind: A stream of wind causes nonlethal damage and can knock down or push creatures.
  • Rope Tornado: Tornado-force winds knock creatures prone or from the air
  • Illusion
  • Hallucinatory Terrain: Makes one type of terrain appear like another (field as forest, or the like).
  • Transmutation
  • Cloud Shape: Assume the appearance of a large cloud.
  • Conversing Wind: As whispering wind, except it can carry responses and multiple messages.
  • Elemental Body I: Turns you into a Small elemental for a short time. For Stormborn, this would be an Air or Water elemental.
  • Water Transport: Pool of water becomes a multiple-use dimension door.
  • Ride The Waves: Target can breathe water and swim.
  • Wave Form: Briefly turn into a huge wave that knocks down everything in your path
  • Author's Note: This is a homebrew Stormborn sorcerer bloodline. It's inspired by the Pathfinder 1e Stormborn, but was heavily altered to provide a 'thematic' version of a 'stormborn sorcerer' that would fit the story of the Elohey world.

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