Gift of Fog


This allows a stormborn to swear an oath to the spirits of storm, sea and clouds to not reveal their identity. In doing so, the spell that wraps around the stormborn sorcerer like a light, almost perceptible fog. This fog prevents anyone from discovering the sorcerer's identity so long as they avoid displaying any easily identifiable features.


The light fog of the magic orbiting the sorcerer distorts the caster's voice, subtly alters their body language, and appearance of their gear. An observer will find it hard to remember details about the caster as if they are looking at a slightly out of focus painting. This magical fog also can encompass any animal companions the sorcerer has as well.


However, the magical fog will not work for anyone other than the caster and their animal companions. Nor will this enchantment make you look like another type of creature, or change your size in any way.


Game Mechanics


Gift of Fog provides the stormborn with a +10 bonus on all Disguise checks to conceal their identity. However, because the Spirit Court of the Storm is fickle, it also conveys a -10 to impersonate any person or creature in particular.


The spell distorts the appearance of the caster, their gear, and animal companions based on the caster at the time of the casting. In a way it creates an alternate persona or appearance loosely based on how the caster is dressed, etc at that time. However! If the caster isn't careful and uses this in the same locale often enough, observers may begin to remember 'fuzzy details' about that strange person who seems to always blend in with a crowd...


If the caster makes any offensive moves while the spell is active, then the Oath is broken and the effect instantly ends.


A light, not quite visible aura of magical mist or fog drifts around the caster.
Gestures & Ritual

The only requirement is for the stormborn to say out loud, yet softly, The Oath of Fog


By the Spirit Court of the Storms, I swear on my oath that I am up to no good.

Related Discipline
Related School
Related Element
Effect Duration
10 minutes per level
Effect Casting Time
1 standard action
Personal (Caster only)

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