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Hell Woolies

Stained with soot and marinated in minty indignation, the bleats of Hell Woolies carry across the hot night wind like a steel wool sock garter on tender skin.
All the Dire Sheep of the northern Longgrass Plains were given sentience by {spoiler!}. Driven mad by the incessant prodding they suffered at the hands of farm hands by day and ranch hands at dusk, these hell-spawned ovines seek to destroy those who bothered them when they were docile and dim-witted.
They have armed themselves with vicious shepherd tools; they lie in wait just on the other side of the latest heroes' current location....

Additional Information

Social Structure

Dire Rams are normally solitary in regard to their own species. They are feral brutes, likely to adopt a small herd of untended "regular" sheep as their protectorate unless a Dire Ewe wanders by a Dire Ram's territory one late autumn or early winter day. Even then, most ovine romances end by early spring.
Hell Woolies, however, seem to gather into small herds of five to eight of their own kind.
Then they go looking for something to destroy.

Facial characteristics

Its horizontally slit eyes glow with supernatural indignance.
Baa 008
received an Armor Upgrade
whether he wanted it
or not!
Average Height
10ft to 15ft
Average Weight
1000 to 1250 lbs
Average Physique
This is a dire sheep -- possibly a dire ewe, all too often a dire ram -- only much worse. Like a "regular" dire ram, it is nearly as long as two humans are tall.
Until it stands upright on its hind hooves.
It is certainly more than 10 feet tall. It weighs at least 1000 pounds.
In its forehooves it wields an incredibly sharp axe, a serrated pair of shears, or perhaps a shepherd's crook with nails driven through it.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Its formerly pale brown coat is now a sooty black.
Its curly horns would probably be dark brown if someone cleaned all the smoky residue off it.
The soot and smoky residue all carry a faint scent of smoked garlic and smoked rosemary.
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