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Chapter 7: Rawhide and Reasons

It's finally time to do something about the Hell Bovines

Which means it's time for the

Nightmare Cow Level



  • Save the missing people!
  1. Ranger Horn
  2. Baldy Ironbender
  3. Ruggiero Bicchieri
  4. Rocco Medici
  5. maybe also Jaeke Blaze?



  • Brothers Ludovicus and Mauricio de Alfredo, and possibly their sister Piera "Princess" Alfredo-Alston, put all of this in motion.
  • Miss Melinda Naknirore is riding this rampaging dragon and does not dare slip off. She knows how dangerous The Ministry truly is!
  • Foreman Vic "Bull" Hester oversees the prisoners.
  • Wrangler Gerty "Gore" Hester oversees the unchanged animals, including the horses.
  • Hell Bovines
  • Hell Woolies



Scene: Whippetal Ranch
Particularly: one of the five large stone barns, probably the one closest to Alfredo House
The Goal: Rescue the prisoners, some of whom are citizens of the area such as the two blacksmiths, others of whom are Ruggiero Bicchieri and some of his caravan members

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