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Chapter 4: The Shadow Riders

Wild West Weekly

about 7:00 p.m.
7th of Grolm, 578
The sun set in Purgatory Gulch afore the Snafu Posse put their defensive plans into action. Sunset glimmers off the grass on the distant southern horizon, but darkness has set in here on the main street of town.
Three squads of Hell Bovine hunters move across the badlands, gaining and losing and gaining again the escape paths of 'Ranger' Horn. By now the foremost of them has passed the point where Ranger collapsed this morning. Instead of heading straight toward Ore Else, they have angled toward the main street of Purgatory Gulch.
Jesse, Lee, and Bruthazmus go on the shoot south of the Purgatory Gulch General Store and westward, hoping to intercept the scent trail.
Meanwhile, Scorpion settles down in the apartment above the General Store for a power nap while Miro and Chef rearrange Mayor Blaze front balcony to their liking. Sephia finalizes her own arrangements for the Purgatory Schoolhouse while the recent customers of the saloon pack into the main school room -- Miss Roselli Amore won't permit the adults into the subterranean chamber where the children sleep, not even those as may be parents to her students. Not unless enemies seem likely to bust through the closed shutters on the windows.
Dusty and Sundown drift past the back entrance to the schoolhouse's chambers. They pause in case Miss Sephia cares to have a word....
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Chapter 4: Direct Action

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