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Roselli Amore

Miss Roselli Amore (a.k.a. Miss Roselli (daytime) Miss Amore (evening))

Miss Roselli Amore is a full-time resident of Purgatory Gulch who works long hours indeed.
  • From an hour after sun-up until three hours after the midday meal, five days a week, Miss Roselli runs the Purgatory Schoolhouse as the one and only schoolmarm.
  • She gets about an hour to wash herself up and walk across Main Street, where Miss Amore gets ready for the evening trade at her second job.
  • Miss Amore is the proprietor and bartender at the Purgatory Saloon. She operates every evening, rain or shine, unless someone's children have been slacking off at the schoolwork. If Miss Roselli has to have a word with some student's parent, then Miss Amore is not serving libations to nobody, nohow.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Miss Roselli wears a calf-length skirt, a prim blouse, sturdy boots, an apron edged in lace, and an archer's glove on her left hand. She has a bow and a quiver of arrows hanging to one side of her chalkboard.
Miss Amore wears corduroys, a cotton shirt, a leather vest with tool loops for can openers and other bartending tools, sturdy boots, and an Oatman Hat with a kerchief wrapped around its hatband.
Current Location
yellow with one prominent red streak, usually all tied up in a neat bun
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
dark reddish brown
Character Prototype
see also Katharine Hepburn circa Rooster Cogburn

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