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Melinda Naknirore

Miss Melinda Naknirore is one of the most important residents of Purgatory Gulch. She owns Miss Melinda's Alchemy and Branding, a fine storefront open only by appointment: for safety reasons, Miss Melinda conducts her experiments at a workshop out on her property, more than an hour's walk from the township proper.
Miss Melinda has lovely shaded-cobalt blue skin with lighter freckles from the time she spends in the sun. Her hair is a medium gray shade, usually worn in one or two buns near the nape of her neck; they help to anchor the leather strap for her safety goggles. The skirt of her gown may contain some exciting rents or scorch marks where her apron slowed but did not completely stop an alchemical incident.
Miss Melinda has the long, thin wings of her people, brightly colored, and especially marvelous to view when the translucent areas are in the turquoise-through-aquamarine range.
(Should Miss Melinda's wings happen to be more yellow than "chartreuse", it is the town tradition to set down a clay wide-bottom mug of tea near her and then remove oneself far out of her hearing range. Miss Melinda sometimes needs our respectful understanding!)


Cirino De Mario

rival (Trivial)

Towards Melinda Naknirore



Melinda Naknirore

rival (Trivial)

Towards Cirino De Mario



Relationship Reasoning

Since the day Miss Melinda's Alchemy and Branding opened in Purgatory Gulch, Padre Cirino and Miss Melinda took an immediate dislike to one another. Padre writes entire sermons on the shameful ways of cheating your way through life by what's in your bottles. Miss Melinda sells bars of soap that magically repulse sunlight from the freshly washed body parts.
They don't brawl, but they are chillingly polite when they have to interact at all.

Current Location
heading for a new life
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Respected proprietor of Miss Melinda's Alchemy and Branding in Purgatory Gulch Miss Melinda Naknirore is a Pisky .
Current Location
Medium gray shade
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Shaded-cobalt blue skin with lighter freckles
1" 10"
11 lbs
Known Languages

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