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Cirino De Mario

resident pastor of Purgatory Gulch

Father Cirino De Mario (a.k.a. Padre)

Padre Cirino is the only cleric in Purgatory Gulch. He holds services for Rhea the Lightbringer at his church on the highest hill on the east end of town.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Corduroys, tunic, vest, Oatman Hat, always a little dusty; he has an ivory flask in his front pocket that holds "holy libations" and a leather-wrapped glass bottle in a hip holster that holds clean water.
Padre cannot wear heavy clothing or armor, not in this heat and certainly not in this vocation. He does have some riding gear which might qualify as "light armor": he has a leather duster split for riding, leather chaps if he's going to be out and about on a mule all day, and of course an Oatman Hat with a fringe all around the brim that dangles glassine beads.

Specialized Equipment

  • holy symbol of Rhea the Lightbringer


Cirino De Mario

rival (Trivial)

Towards Melinda Naknirore



Melinda Naknirore

rival (Trivial)

Towards Cirino De Mario



Relationship Reasoning

Since the day Miss Melinda's Alchemy and Branding opened in Purgatory Gulch, Padre Cirino and Miss Melinda took an immediate dislike to one another. Padre writes entire sermons on the shameful ways of cheating your way through life by what's in your bottles. Miss Melinda sells bars of soap that magically repulse sunlight from the freshly washed body parts.
They don't brawl, but they are chillingly polite when they have to interact at all.

Current Location
Current Residence
balding, formerly blond
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Ruled Locations

Padre is the Elohey parallel of a 5th level Angelfire Apostle:
  • avoid violence when possible
  • less {access to/use of} divine magic than a typical cleric of his faith and level
  • Channel Angelfire: When he channels positive energy to cleanse maladies/cleanse evil, Padre glows with the divine light of Rhea Lightgiver. Affected non-good creatures are dazzled for 1 round, with no saving throw for this effect.
  • Versatile Healing Channel: Padre may choose to use a double dose of Channel Angelfire to cast remove blindness/deafness or lesser restoration as a spell-like ability.
  • Luminous Form: Padre can transform his body into churning light, granting him the effects of blur and causing his body to shed light as if he were a sunrod.

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