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Un dollaro tra i denti

an episode of mostly info-gathering
with an early dose of undead scorpions

General Summary

It's late afternoon here in the dryest place on the Longgrass Plains. Seventh of Grolm. Year Five seventy-eight.
Bruthazmus and the SNAFU Guild have rescued the mail coach from not one, not two, but THREE herds of Hell Bovines on a coordinated stampede in the dead of the midday heat. Yes, indeedy, you beat the Secret Cow Level on Normal Mode! Why, I don't reckon that Nightmare Mode can be as terrible as legend claims....
You have got a number of possible enemies to consider, none of which have truly revealed themselves. Might want to come up with a list ahead of time as to what inquiries you will be makin' now that you are back in the heart of Purgatory Gulch.
Also who you are going to ask. Seein' as how the Purgatory General Store has got its blinds drawn and its door locked, and there's no signs of the Mayor being upstairs in his residence. . .
A Stranger in Town Opening Credits
Generic article | Jan 27, 2021
Chapter 3: A Stranger in Town
Plot | Aug 8, 2020
At first, return to the main street of Purgatory Gulch goes smoothly for The Snafu Posse. Padre Cirino De Mario, monk Lee Chung, and apprentice Chef head for Jasper Chapel to check on Ranger Horn and do a little recovering of their own. Sorcerer Miro Teague shadows Freecities League Assessor Euphoma 'Scorpion' Hillbough as she walks out of sight beyond Purgatory Gulch General Store. Ranger Bruthazmus hangs around Oat Livery to examine the Stagecoach while the rest of the team gather in Purgatory Saloon for the round of drinks promised by Suka Threewood and Chooly Greatwatcher.
In the saloon, information comes from proprietor Roselli Amore at first, until the distinctly orcish stagecoach team finish sorting the mail from the mailcoach and walk in.
Lee Chung sets to interrogating "Ranger" Horn about his experiences in captivity. Ranger has strong feelings on the topic of rescuing his best friend and partner Baldy Ironbender from duress. Ranger knows that not only cattle but also sheep exhibit the hellish tendencies already witnessed by the Snafu Posse. He also knows that there's something about "the Foreman" (that would be Vic "Bull" Hester, but Ranger could not think of the name at that time) which seems equally as unnatural as the beeves themselves do.
Ranger does not feel that a rescue mission at night is a good idea -- the hell bovines are most active and functional then, most able to perceive their surroundings and quickest to react. On the other hand, a rescue mission during the day will fail because the largest number of the hellish beasts are gathered close to the barns and ranch houses. He does not know for certain which of the five stone barns would be the place to aim his rescuing, and those barns are scattered wide across the Whippetal Ranch territory.
He therefore wants to try for a rescue right at dawn: the fiends will be losing their keen edge on their senses, they will be settling down for the day, and perhaps Rhea Lightgiver will bless our work as she peeks up over the eastern horizon.
"Sundown" and "Dusty" tell their rescuers -- fellow obvious outsiders to this town, Zhang Sephia being a Harpy and Jesse Devonshire being a minimally-dressed Human with a gigantic bee riding on his back -- some context about this town that no local has the perspective to provide.
  • There's no inn or hostel or boarding house in this town, so make a deal with one of the local farms to rent their spare room. But don't take even a small contract to do farm hand work or ranch hand work, because that forever paints the contractee as having chosen a side in "the troubles".
  • If you somehow wind up sleeping at Jasper Chapel, for the sake of your back do NOT try to sleep on the pews. They squeak. You'll just be finally dropping off and there's this wail like a repentant soul, and it's because the wood slats of the pew adjusted position. Better off to just sleep on the floor.
  • The stagecoach team usually camps out overnight when in Purgatory Gulch, but it's still a treat to sit in the saloon for a few hours.
  • "The troubles" have been going on for a long time. Strangers move to this area of the northern Longgrass Plains to settle, ignore the advice from orc tribes that this particular spot is not really a viable survival location, do all right for a few years, and then start hitting disasters that erode away their resources.
  • The schoolhouse was the first permanent building in this spot, deliberately designed to withstand most natural disasters as a shelter.
  • Grandmammy Clementine Gnarlbeard at Corriente Farm is a driving force among the area farms, the stagecoach crew describes her as particular about things being "proper" regardless of good or evil or, for that matter, compassion. They explain that Grandmammy Clementine claims to grow carrots as the primary crop but from a stagecoach perspective, she in fact grows and harvests drama.
  • When Miss Amore is inside the building, Sundown abruptly stops talking about anything too closely touching on "the troubles".
  • Most of the mail they bring is in the form of mail-ordered packages, and what they can't drop off at their destinations here on the main street is usually relocated into the Purgatory Gulch General Store for later pickup by the intended recipients -- meanwhile some shipments get loaded into the mail coach that evening or first thing in the morning, and the team heads out as soon as Scorpion is ready.
  • The Freecities League Assessor goes by "Scorpion" in these parts as a warning: try to put your grubby fingers on the tax chest and you'll get stung.
  • Additionally, Sundown and Dusty give a general impression that Miss Amore is not disposed to treat the orc duo with an inch of generosity.
    Further gossip is derailed when the crack of a river whip snapping a wooden slat echoes from the street.
    At the entrance to Purgatory Gulch General Store where the closed blinds have mysteriously reopened and the front door swings wide, Miro Teague and his new acquaintance Assessor Scorpion Hillbough engage in combat against the undead scorpions raised from the dead scar in the land east of town. With bellows of keelhauling intentions, Miro brings his friends into the fray, starting with Bruthazmus who has a special animosity for the undead.
    The aftermath of this battle leads most of the Snafu Posse into cleanup and repair work, but they do find some interesting bits of information that Mayor Jaeke Blaze had stored in his place. He had separated out four years of purchase and mail order receipts for Miss Melinda Naknirore. He had also separated out about eight months of purchase and mail order receipts for someone listed as "Master Kerner", whose purchases dwindled away a month or so ago. In a secret compartment in Mr. Blaze's desk was kept the census of Oatman Canyon, complete with attached physical artifacts for most residents of the town in case a magician needed to boost a targeted spell during an emergency. And in a box of cardamom was hidden the ledger of registered brands and appointments that make up the core of Miss Melinda's Alchemy and Branding across the street.
    Sunset plunges the late summer afternoon toward darkness while the Snafu Posse decides what to do with their current mysteries.
  • Zhang Sephia points out the high risk of a night attack by Hell Bovine herd or other batches of miscreants. She decides to move all town residents to the most defensible location, the Purgatory Schoolhouse, and pool resources there.
  • To keep Chef from Saving Everyone by destroying the Evil of Writing, Miro Teague volunteers to camp out overnight with the kobold on the upstairs balcony that lines the front of Purgatory Gulch General Store. Scorpion Hillbough already planned to stay in the upstairs apartment, ready to act as sniper in the event of trouble.
  • Bruthazmus feels a powerful responsibility to head back up to Braunvieh Farm and care for the resident farm animals. He has already spoken with Mr. Bianchi on this topic. Mr. Bianchi loaned him a pair of aggressive horses known as The Two Mollys. Mr. Bianchi says these two react to any serious hazard by kicking it until it ceases to be a hazard. Only one Molly can be ridden, but the other Molly will stay in the company of her friend in almost any circumstance.
  • Jesse Devonshire borrows the mystery riding beast known as "Dagnabbit" from Oat Livery again. He acquires the dirty shirt and socks of Ranger Horn to drag along the badlands ground as bait for the three scouting parties of Hell Bovines which are out acting like hunting packs. Jesse will be accompanied by Lee Chung and Bruthazmus, which should have their widely lain false trail pass by Braunvieh Farm if not conclude there.
  • Among the townsfolk:
  • Padre Cirino and Ranger Horn have relocated to the schoolhouse, after Padre moved his beehives into the workshop at the back of Jasper Chapel and laid out a couple of days' supplies for "the girls".
  • Frederico Bianchi chose to be obtuse to any suggestion that he might shut the animals in his care into their stables and then relocate into the schoolhouse. He does plan to shore up the buildings' defenses with storm shutters and the like. He will move his bunk into the "nursery barn" where the critters with fragile health are kept.
  • Miss Roselli Amore has been staying in the underground cavern below the schoolhouse for over a month now, keeping watch over the town's children. She says that in the morning (provided there IS a morning), an early geography lesson can have the students discuss an area map with Miss Zhang and her companions. Special attention will be placed on the features too fine for the map's scale, and particularly on what is known of Whippetal Ranch.
  • Mayor Jaeke Blaze is missing. Scorpion is quite upset about that.
  • The sunbaked stuffiness of the back room in Miss Melinda's Alchemy and Branding tells Scorpion and "Beanie" Teague that Miss Melinda has not been present in quite a while. It might be worth asking around to find out when she was last seen by any of the townspeople or the remaining farm hands.
  • Not to mention: Miro Teague recovered, shared with Scorpion, and subsequently concealed for safe keeping a journal of Miss Naknirore's research that impacts "the troubles". Melinda Naknirore may have started out inventing a harmless-to-people alchemical deterrent that would keep ranchers' cattle and sheep from grazing on crops. At some point she switched to analysis, reverse engineering, and finally defeating such plant "defenses" as vampiric animated border plantings. Naknirore might have been trying to combat the works of a monster creator? In which case, where is she now?
    Not currently assigned any specific part in this mess, the stagecoach team of Suka 'Sundown' Threewood and Chooly 'Dusty' Greatwatcher continue on with their plan to camp out in the scrubland nearby. They might arrange themselves just south of the schoolhouse, within sight of the sheltered back door into the lower levels. They might instead set themselves up at the old two grave cemetery near the school playground. In the tired summer night's air they are not much fussed about the afternoon's events.

    Rewards Granted

    • Each Player Character and each Companion (Chef y Los Tres Amigos Voladores even if they did mostly communicate "that's weird!") receives 1400 XP for defeating 18 freshly risen undead Oatman Crawlers and 2 freshly risen undead Purgatory Sidewinders, plus a nice bit of deducifying in regard to the scope of "the troubles" in these parts

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    Named for the 1967 Spaghetti Western film A Stranger in Town, first of four movies about this character. I ditched most of the important parts of the movie but I kept the incoming shipment of gold coins and the poncho.
    The Bows of Purgatory Gulch
    Lee Chung
    -Level Monk 6
    Jesse Devonshire
    6-Level Druid
    Zhang Sephia
    6-Level Ranger
    Bruthazmus Kele
    Nodin Bugbear
    6-Level Ranger
    Miro Teague
    7-Level Sorcerer
    Player Journals
    20200509 Focus on everything at once by Jesse Devonshire
    Yonderin' About Town by Bruthazmus Kele
    Afternoon at Purgatory Gulch by Zhang Sephia
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    09 May 2020
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