Blood-sucking Cabbage

roll through the grass

What lovely cabbages! Someone went to a lot of trouble to shelter this patch, even though (given how random their planting) they must have been half-wild to start off. In the wake of the sixteen-day hurricane, places that experienced mudslides or gale-force persistent winds or other geographical damage may have had the grass and shrubbery and few trees ripped out of the ground, but the lovely little cabbages stayed rooted in the soil.
Until they do not.

Basic Information


While still young, the blood-sucking cabbage appears to be a wild cabbage with six green outer leaves and assorted magenta inner leaves. It may be well-rooted in the ground. Or it may be uprooted in a mild breeze, whereupon it will roll across the grassland.
Eventually it will lodge against something ... suitable.

In its feeding phase, rows of tiny thorns like shark's teeth unfold from the lowest edges of the green leaves. Tightly coiled runner vines whip outward to latch onto the warm food source. A creature looking closely (within five feet or less) at the runner vines may notice that the vines are translucent; blood seems to course through them once they are fully unfurled. Four of the green leaves latch onto their prey, while the fifth and sixth reach up to stifle any carbon dioxide sources such as mouths or nostrils, or else stabilize the cabbage's position on the nearest inert surface.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Blood makes the cabbage roll!

probably related to Ravenous Tumbleweeds, descended from a Jupiter Bloodsucker


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