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Frederico Bianchi

Frederico Bianchi

Mr. Frederico Bianchi is one of the very few Goblin permanent residents of Purgatory Gulch. He owns Oat Livery where he raises and cares for a modest selection of horses, donkeys, and the odd mule. He rents out stalls for overnight visitors who brought their own riding animals. He even has two stalls sized and shaped for dire wolves, just in case!
Most of his income -- so far as is publicly acknowledged -- comes from renting out horses for people who do not need (or cannot afford) to own one full-time.
Some of Mr. Bianchi's income is derived from taking in ill or injured animals whose previous owners could not afford to take care of them. Mr. BIanchi will pay "the three-of-four-legs price", nurse them back to health, and then either add them to his stable or sell them at a good price to a visitor heading out of town.
In this way, Frederico Bianchi serves the necessary role of veterinarian in the area around Purgatory Gulch.
Some of Mr. BIanchi's annual income, a good chunk of it in fact, comes from the other goods that are often being carried or hauled by that particular mended horse!

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Mr. Bianchi is a visibly strong, compact person. He carries some old scars from past incidents with injured critters. He can lift the back end of a horse by himself in an emergency situation without doing himself any damage.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

D'Mezin Frederico burr Aberto Bianchi first came to Oatman Canyon as a young man still trying to find his niche in life. Frustrated with caravan life, he let some of the local youngsters dare him into approaching The Naiad of Arjory Pond where he surprised Yiara by offering to share his lunch with no expectation of her water in return.
Yiara corrected bits of Frederico's Kayam. She poked through his satchel, trying to learn more about him without risking deceits. Then she finally asked him if he was the "bone-mender" here to visit the pony.
This is how Frederico learned that Ayrshire Farm concealed signs of a feral herd of ponies living on their difficult, mostly undesirable land.
Frederico fell in love.
He did what he could for the injured pony, with the dryad providing what calming influence she could. He told the ponies -- and Yiara -- and the Ayrshires -- that he had to leave for two years with his father's caravan, to cash in his accounts and learn everything he could about being a pony doctor, but he would be back! He swore it!
Vinton stopped him. Vinton pointed out that more animals than just feral ponies would need care. Vinton pointed out that several of the ranches had some truly fine-quality workhorses, that several of the farms grew remarkably hardy rabbits, and that someone with good sense should make sure the best breeds continue in more than one location. Vinton said that a Cuali should use his family connections to keep medicine and diversity coming into the region, make it subtle enough to escape the greedy neighbors' notice, all while certain locally crafted arts make their way out into the world.
So, to support his animal-adoring-especially-wild-ponies habit, Vinton actually oversees the long-term improvement of domestic horse and pony breeds, and in the process smuggles out several regional specialty mastercraft goods for his extended family to market in the richest Northiron Mountains collectors.

Intellectual Characteristics

Kind to animals, ingenious at veterinary medical care, possibly on his way to becoming a druid without realizing it.


Social Aptitude

Mr. Bianchi does not have the gift of gab, but can be a pleasant conversationalist if someone else will take the lead. He has a steadying effect on many folk despite his obvious youth.


Frederico Bianchi

friend (Important)

Towards Yiara




friend (Important)

Towards Frederico Bianchi



Relationship Reasoning

Young Frederico offered Yiara his food without wanting water in return. She decided he was allowed to stay around.

Character Location
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Current Location
chestnut brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
dark olive
Known Languages
In order from greatest proficiency to least: Coirili, Common, and Kayam
Ruled Locations

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