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Kayam is the soft and musical language of the druids, and by extension rangers, treants, dryads, and some extraplanar creatures. The language isn't as old as Celestial or Zuyan, but oddly enough, Kayam as a language evolved out of elements of the two ancient languages, then grew into its own sounds and phonology.   Myths and stories tell of Grandfather Gren, the ancient deity known as the "Shepherd of Nature", sought to "grow" a new language from the "soil of those gone before". The stories say it was Grandfather Gren's way of creating a way for druids and rangers to better communicate with the treants and dryads to build harmony with nature.   As Kayam is spoken by treants, dryads, and more that are found all across the continents, the language has many dialects but all are able to converse with each other with little difficulty.


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