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A semi-nomadic people, the Cuali make their lives among the Freecities that populate the length of the ancient Warden Road. In their own records, the Cuali came from lands far to the extreme south. Their communities are made up of close-knit alliances and families, most of whom travel to stop in specific locations near established towns.   Many of the Cuali make their living as traveling merchants, blacksmiths and the like. Their unique 'expandable wagons' serve as a combination of storefront and home while members of the Cuali travel from the actual settlement they consider 'home'.  

About Cuali Goblin Names

  Like most goblin cultures, Cuali family names follow the ancient tradition of the need to identify a particular product or service that the family provided. In other words, the "family business". However, the need to travel in response to the ebb and flow of trade caused an adjustment to Cuali goblin culture.   To the Cuali, names have developed into a type of short-hand resume. In current times, there still are family businesses ( i.e. "Millet Tanner" may actually be a leatherworker and so on ) but with the mix of peoples in the Freecities League, that isn't always the case. Also, traveling between the members of the Freecities made it difficult to distinguish one "Tanner" from another at times.   Over the generations, the Cuali took to the practice of adding the primary region that a goblin or goblin family can most likely be found. This was to reduce confusion and quickly indicate where they offer most of their skills to those that are interested.   So for a "Millet Tanner" who is a leatherworker in the region around Aquitaine, he would introduce himself "D'Aquitaine Millet Tanner". If it was a highly formal setting, this would expand to "D'Aquitaine Millet burr Lugas Tanner", to mean "Millet from Aquitaine, son of Lugas of the family Tanner".   This takes the traditional goblin naming methods and changes it to:   D'[ region/location/city the goblin considers "home" ] [ Personal/First Name ] [ burr/belle ] [ Family name ]

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Miriam, Truva, Arienne, Paola, Pia

Masculine names

Marcos, Levi, Aberto, Lugas, Adamo

Family names

Galvos, Cooper, Vinter, Fabbro, Tanner

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